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    Meet n Greet 2014

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  • Georgiann Davis speaks on Intersexuality

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    National Coming Out Day 2014

  • SafeZone at Chillicothe Campus

    SafeZone at Chillicothe Campus

What's Your Story? 

**Updated Fall 2013: The Center would like to continue this project, however we are rethinking the best ways to submit stories. In the meantime, please do not use the form below. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at lgbt@ohio.edu.**

 The LGBTQ community is an integral part of the fabric of Ohio University. Some people are out and involved and some are out and not as involved. Meanwhile, others are living a life of anonymity. While OU has strong ally support, there are many non-LGBTQ people in the community who are unaware of our experiences.

This April, the LGBT Center will begin a new awareness campaign. We invite you as LGBTQ and ally community members to share your story ANONYMOUSLY.

Your story can be as long or as short as you would like it to be. Please write freely. Some topic suggestions are...

  • What challenges have you experienced as an LGBTQ student/faculty/staff at Ohio University?
  • What positive experiences have you had as an LGBTQ student/faculty/staff at Ohio University?
  • Are you in the closet? What concerns you most about coming out?
  • What’s your coming out story?
  • What challenges did you face when you came out?
  • What stereotypes of the LGBTQ community frustrate you most?
  • What challenges do you fear that you will face after graduation because you are LGBTQ?
  • As an ally, how has your relationship with LGBTQ peers impacted your life?

Sharing your story today can help educate others to create a better tomorrow. Thank you for taking time to submit your story.