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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center

Office for Diversity and Inclusion



INFORMATION AND MEETING TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, contact the individual group for questions or Hyperlinks are connected to emails as well as the group's Facebook page or group. Information last updated October 2014



Asterisk: Athens Area Trans* Advocates: This group advocates for trans* and gender variant people and concerns. They also work to educate the campus about trans* and gender non-confirming individuals. The name Asterisk comes from the asterisk in trans* which is added to signify the wide variety of identities contained under the transgender umbrella. For important updates, check Asterisk's Facebook Group. Please address questions to Jesper Beckholt at
LGBT Commission of Student Senate: Providing the voice for LGBT concerns on Student Senate. The commission has enhanced the LGBT experience at OU over the years. The LGBT Commission coordinates the annual Pride Week in spring and brings LGBT voices to student leadership. Contact: senator Taylor Hufford; commissioner Ryant Taylor at; and vice-commissioners Abigail Fairbanks or Paige Klatt at You can also join the commission's Facebook group.
LGBT Commission of Graduate Student Senate: Providing the voice for LGBT concerns on Graduate Student Senate. Contact the commissioner: Elliot Long at
Open Doors: Ohio University's LGBTIQQA Student Union: Acting as the driving force for OU LGBTA community for 4 decades. Open Doors hosts a weekly meeting and discussion and the monthly Dance Parties at Casa.  Starting October 1, 2014 meetings will be held on Wednesdays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at UCM, 18 N. College Street. Contact Bre Lewis at or join their Facebook group.
OUT@Work:  OU’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally Employee Network - Connecting employees for social events, information and progressive efforts. Contact delfin bautista at; you can also visit our new Facebook Page "Out & Proud Athens
OUTgrads & Non-Trads: Networking LGBTA grad students and non-traditional undergrads (23+) for social events. Join OUTgrads for dinners, social hours, and other social gatherings. Contact delfin bautista at You can also visit their Facebook page.
F*ck Rape Culture (FRC): A social movement to challenge, undermine, and eradicate rape culture at Ohio University. Join the movement on Facebook.
Past Student Organizations
  • SHADES: Fostering connections between the multicultural Same-Gender Loving, LGBT community, SHADES welcomes all who are at various stages of understanding the coming out process, questioning or accepting their sexuality and/or understanding the LGBTA community. SHADES provides a safe space where members can speak freely. If you're interested in getting this organization started again, contact
  • Empowering Women of Ohio (EWO): Bridging the gap between LGBT issues and Women's Rights concerns. EWO actively participates in LGBT events and coordinates the Empowered Woman’s Week in the winter. If you're interested in getting this organization started again, contact


Spectrum: Gender Variant-Transgender-Gender Queer Support Group
Creating a safe place for individuals, both student and non-student, wanting to explore and discuss their gender identity ranging from questioning to gender queer to those who need practical help and support in changing their name, seeking medical treatment, communicating with family members, and adjusting to the change in their gender identity on campus and elsewhere can benefit from this support group. This is a support group of  OU’s Counseling & Psychological Services. Contact psychologist Susan Young at 740.249.4159 or to express interest in joining the group.




Gay Straight Alliance: To provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBTIQQA people to congregate, converse, and simply be themselves without worry of judgment or discrimination. Contact: Advisor Brad Bear, You can also join them on Facebook


L.G.B.T.A. Alliance:  This student organization is for all Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning And Straight Supporters attending, teaching or working at Ohio University Zanesville and Zane State College. We provide programming for the campus intended to broaden and deepen our understanding of diversity in its many forms. We have sponsored a "Day of Silence," program, and has collaborated with the Diversity and Multicultural Affairs departments in offering discussion groups on the topic of Sexual Identity and Religion. Students interested in L.G.B.T.A. Alliance, its programs and events are encouraged to contact us directly or our advisor(s) Dr. Amy White at or Elizabeth Kline Students can join us at OU Zanesville's Blackboard page or Zane State College's Z-online page (also Facebook).


Stray Cats:  The purpose of the Stray Cats LGBT&S is to facilitate tolerance and understanding among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight individuals within the University and the larger community. The organization is working for a more inclusive campus where everyone can feel safe and welcome regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
President: Jenna Hobbs,
Advisor: Brandon Houseman,



G.E.S.S. (Gender Equality Solidarity Society): The purpose of this organization shall be to promote an awareness of gender equality to university students and community at large. In addition, the Gender Equality Solidarity Society will provide an opportunity for students, faculty, alumni, and staff to coordinate and participate in gender related activities, conferences, resource services and a generally gender equal environment for the benefit of students and the community. The club is open to any and all members of Ohio University Lancaster’s student body, faculty, staff, or alumni, and will not discriminate based on age, sex, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, creed or disability. Advisor: Pam Kaylor, email: or call 740-654-6711 ext. 662



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