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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center

Office for Diversity and Inclusion

Faculty and Staff


As part of our mission, the center provides support not only to students but also to faculty, staff, and members of the community.  The support the center provides ranges from providing a safer space for faculty and staff to engage questions and issues related to coming out or transition to serving as a curricular and co-curricular academic resource.  Below are some of the resources available, for questions please email
  • Queer Studies Conference (during Spring Semester) ~ opportunity for students, faculty, staff, members of the Athens community, and colleagues from other schools to present their research related to LGBTQ identities and issues.
  • SpeakOUT ~ panels of individuals who share their experiences as LGBTQ people (personal and interactive).  Available to come to classes and group meetings.  To learn more about SpeakOUT or to request a panel, visit our SpeakOUT page.
  • SafeZone ~ training program that offers a starting point for understanding various aspects of LGBTQ communities and exploring how to be supportive of LGBTQ people on and off campus (program has expanded to include “201” trainings to focus on specific identities and intersections of identities).  SafeZones are available by request and can be adapted to fit/reflect course material.  To learn more visit our SafeZone page or email
  • LGBTQ Studies Certificate ~ new certificate program offered through Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.  To learn more about the certificate, visit the WGSS page.
  • Guest Lectures ~ delfin and members of the center’s staff are available to guest lecture and/or facilitate class discussions on a variety of topics/themes related to sexuality and gender. 
  • Course/Syllabus Assistance ~ for faculty interested in “queering” or adding LGBT experiences to their syllabi/course content, delfin and center staff are available to explore with faculty a variety of resources within and across academic disciplines including (but not limited to) books, authors, websites, films, and academic/professional organizations.
  • Out & Proud Athens ~ A space on Facebook for LGBTQA folks in Athens as well as faculty and staff at Ohio University to connect, network, and be in rainbow solidarity with each other.  Join us on Facebook!
  • LGBT Center Events ~ the center hosts a variety of programs throughout the academic year from lunchtime discussions to film screenings to rallies as a way of raising awareness about LGBTQ identities and engaging the wider campus community.   All events reflect the academic mission of the university by challenging students to engage new perspectives and serve as co-curricular experiences  by providing students opportunities to connect class content to the world beyond the classroom (and bringing outside experiences into the classroom).   Visit our calendar page to see what events are coming up.


Domestic Partner Benefits

Since June 2004 Ohio University has offered Domestic Partner Benefits to domestic partners and children of domestic partners, as a matter of equity and fairness; however there are additional fees/taxes that gay and lesbian couples will incur.  Those interested in becoming registered as Domestic Partners with the university should read over the policy and all Human Resources forms below.  If you have questions, you can contact Human Resources at 740.593.1636. Additionally, you can contact LGBT Center Director delfin bautista at 740.593.2515 or if you need assistance with this process.
For additional information on the DPB Policy, how to enroll, and available options for same-sex couples,  visit


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