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    SafeZone at Chillicothe Campus

Prospective Students 

Come OUT at OU!

Ohio University and Athens are great places for LGBTA students to live and go to school. Read more about us!

Another helpful source is our Guide to Life at Ohio University.

LGBT Community

There are many ways to get involved and become active within the LGBTA community at Ohio University. 

- Learn about LGBTA student organizations.

- We offer a variety of programs and events throughout each year.

- Check the Calendar of Events to see upcoming events.

- We also offer several brochures! Paper copies are available in the LGBT Center.

Life in Residence Halls

The Department of Residential Housing staff works to make the residence halls a welcoming place for all LGBT students. Getting the best support may require you to come out to the staff. Currently the university is implementing a pilot program of offering Gender Neutral Housing. For more information about living in the Residence Halls, including types of halls and policies, check out the Department of Residential Housing.

Policies to Know

Ohio University has worked to create a positive and open learning climate for all, including LGBT students, faculty and staff. Read more about OU's commitment to creating a non-discriminatory and harrassment-free campus by visiting the Office for Institutional Equity.   

Other OU Services

Counseling & Psychological Services

Career Services

Undergraduate Admissions

Top 4 Reasons to Attend OU:

1.  We have amazing groups and organizations within the LGBT community where you can get involved!

2.  OU offers several Queer Courses to add to your class schedule – from Lesbian and Gay Politics & Literature to Gender, Sexuality, and Culture.  For a complete listing, review the OU Course Offerings page.

3.  We're all about PRIDE! Check out several OU Faces of Pride, including students, faculty and administrators.

4.  OU's campus was selected one of the 100 best campuses for LGBT students by "The Advocate's College Guide for LGBT Students."

Student Q&A:

We've asked LGBT students involved with the center to answer some questions about life at OU and the communities that exist around student life.

1. What is the social scene like for LGBT Students at OU?

"There are a lot of regulars at the LGBT center, Open Doors at Casa, a lot of welcoming spaces." - Kelli

"We have a very open and accepting campus. There are a lot of organizations out there for students who identify as LGBT, as well as for ally's; the social scene is quite welcoming."- Josiah

"OU's LGBTQA social scene has just about something for everyone. Student groups such as Asterisk, ALLY, Open Doors, Shades, and others provide opportunities for social interaction whilst also working to better the LGBT community, events through the LGBT Center provide social, yet educational, programs open to anyone and everyone, and parties and get-togethers outside the university are numerous."- Sarah Lily 

"It's hard to describe. When a person becomes active in the community, they will become immersed in an inclusive culture which creates easy aquintenships and connections; an environment which feels like a small town where all people know one another. At a deeper stage, close-knit groups exist which are inseparable, and becoming part of one these groups is guaranteed with time."- Daniel 
2. What has been your favorite social event at the LGBT Center?

"Thus far, my favorite LGBT Center social event has been the Meet & Greet at Jackie O's Pub & Brewery earlier this spring. It was a relaxed environment in which students, staff, faculty, and community members could gather and form meaningful connections with one another. It provided an inclusive environment outside of the Center's usual space and allowed for genuine and open conversations between people who may never have met otherwise."- Sarah Lily

"Crafternoons have been fun. I also really like that we have Faces of Pride. I really like them all, though." - Josiah

"I like the Dine and Discuss'." - Kelli

"It's a bit cliche, but my favorite part about the LGBT center is just spending time in the lounge area. It is where I get my studying and socializing done and where I go to unwind between classes."- Daniel 

3. How LGBT friendly are faculty and staff?

 "I have not yet met faculty or staff who have not been friendly towards LGBT community members." - Kelli


"OU is fortunate enough to have faculty and staff who are supportive and attentive to the needs of LGBT students. Although there is always something new to learn, many professors work to understand, at least on a basic level, the types of challenges and experiences LGBT people face both on campus and in professional and political life."- Sarah Lily


"I've not run into any openly homophobic professors before. The professors I've had have been very welcoming."- Josiah

4. What is it like to come out at OU?

T"hough coming out to professors and peers is often a nerve-racking venture, it has been my experience that the majority of individuals are understanding in their responses and reactions. On the whole, I feel comfortable sharing these parts of myself with people on campus. Though, it should be acknowledged that this is my personal experience, and I cannot speak to the experiences of other LGBTQA people on our campus." - Sarah Lily

"Fun! It was relieving to me, because I was at a place in my life as well as an area (OU) where I felt comfortable coming out, it was relieving  to be able to be myself here. There's a great support community here as well; I know I struggled my freshman year." - Josiah

"It's really safe. I've been out since I came here- I came out a month or two at most after I got here my first year." - Kelli

5. What makes OU feel safe and welcoming for LGBT students?

"The amount of programming; there's LGBT stuff all over the place! There are campus programs like gender-neutral housing that are under advertised. "- Kelli


"The many resources and outlets that we have for LGBT students and the safe spaces that we have created around campus." - Josiah

"Ohio University, from its LGBT student groups, to its inviting faculty and staff, to its LGBT Center all serve to create a comfortable and inviting environment for LGBT students. There are opportunities for scholarships, social events, professional development, conferences, educational programs, networking, and advocacy programs that all affirm OU's commitment to diversity and showcase its efforts to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all its students."- Sarah Lily

Financial Aid/Scholarships:
Ohio University does not currently offer LGBTA specific scholarships; however, national scholarships are available.  Please review available scholarship opportunities offered to LGBTA students by clicking here.

Got questions? Get answers!
Call the LGBT Center at 740.593-0239.  We're open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.  If we don't answer, leave a message and we'll get back to you!  E-mail us at lgbt@ohio.edu