Mickey Hart, Director of the LGBT Center

Mickey holds a Master's of Education: College Student Personnel degree from Ohio University (1998). He is a long time advocate for LGBT people and educator of LGBT concerns. Prior to his work with the LGBT Center, Mickey worked in Residence Life at OU and Antioch College, in substance abuse prevention in Athens County and at his own restaurant in his hometown. He is originally from Laurelville, OH. Mickey was a founding member and past chair of Board of Directors of Equality Ohio. For over 9 years, Mickey served on the Board of Directors of UCM: Center for Spiritual Growth and Social Justice. Mickey loves many things about Athens and Ohio University. He adds, "I think we have a most wonderful community and the individuals really make it special. There are so many great LGBTA people here and I am fortunate to know many of them. I wish more people knew each other and realized how large a LGBT population there is at OU and in Southeastern Ohio."

John Frederick, Student Assistant, Librarian

John Frederick is a second-year student whose major concentrations of study are Digital Media and Political Science, with a minor concentration of study in Japanese. He is involved with Open Doors, one of the many LGBT groups on campus. John enjoys attending OU because of its academic excellence and challenges, as well as the opportunities it presents for one to grow as a person. He is thankful for the great diversity within the LGBT community and Athens which gives people the chance to discover what it means to be LGBTA. "Coming to OU, I was able to discover who I was as a person, without having to worry about fitting in or being pressured by potentially negative influences."

Bobby Landers, Student Assistant, Programs

Bobby is a third-year student whose major concentration of study is Sociology and English. He is involved with Open Doors, one of the many LGBT groups on campus. Bobby enjoys attending OU and being in Athens in general because the area is very diverse and has opened him up to many options, as well as meeting new people. He is thankful for the great diversity within the LGBT community as well. "Being surrounded by so many wonderful people, and having access to numerous resources on campus is a GREAT feeling. It really makes me appreciate just how good the LGBT community has it at OU."

Nathan Parsons, Student Assistant, E-News
Jason Porter, Student Assistant, SpeakOUT!
Jason Porter

Jason Porter is a third-year Audio Production major in the school of Telecommunications. He is currently the coordinator of the SpeakOUT! program and an active member of Open Doors. Jason looks forward to making an impact on the community at large. He notes, "There is so much diversity here, even within the LGBT community. There are so many different groups that LGBTA people can join to feel even more comfortable with themselves and their surroundings."  Apart from LGBT concerns, Jason spends his time writing and recording music to further his experience in his desired job field, and hopes to land a job as a Recording Engineer or Producer. He enjoys Athens for its diversity in community, lifestyle and local music. Jason adds, "The Athens scene is surreal; the amount of opportunities here for creative minds to express themselves is a rare thing these days."

Kate Steven, Student Assistant, SafeZone

Kate Steven is a third-year dual major in Community Health Services and Women’s & Gender Studies.  She is very involved in the LGBT community on campus and loves meeting and helping all new students get acclimated to campus.  In addition to working in the center, she is an active member of Open Doors, is a regular panelist for the SpeakOUT program, and serves on Ohio University Student Senate as vice-commissioner for LGBT Affairs.  Outside of the LGBT community, she is vice-president of Bobcatalina Synchronized Swimming, is a Peer Mentor for the Learning Communities program, and works in Boyd Dining Hall.   In the future, she hopes to find a career working with college students and/or in health promotion.  She loves the community here and is glad to finally be a full-time Athens resident. “Every day I’m glad that I came to OU / Athens. I think it’s a great place to explore, find, and try out things you never would have thought of before”.  "

Katie Tabor, Student Assistant, Bulletin Board
Katie Tabor

Katie is a second year student Public Relations major with a minor in English. She is involved with Open Doors and other LGBT organizations on campus. Katie loves the Athens atmosphere because of its rich diversity, which has opened her up to meeting people from many different backgrounds. She has learned so much about the LGBT community through many of the different programs on campus. "I am thankful to have met so many great people here in

Athens and I think that LGBT community here on campus offers many helpful things so all kinds of LGBTA students."

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