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Student Learning Objectives from the ""Honors tutorial college

Honors Tutorial College

Undergraduate Programs
  • HTC students should emerge from their academic work with a sophisticated understanding of their primary area of study.
  • HTC students should be able to work effectively with difficult, multi-dimensional subjects be they inside or outside a studentís primary area of study.
  • HTC students should be equipped to pursue independent research and/or creative activity at a level of uncontested excellence.
  • HTC students should be skilled writers with the ability to communicate effectively in their own discipline(s) and to a wider audience.
  • HTC students should be articulate and comfortable in presenting their ideas and insights in all manner of public forums.
  • HTC students should understand and work within the ethical parameters that govern scholarly activity.
  • HTC students should develop a sense of social responsibility and make contributions as undergraduates that matter locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.
  • HTC students should develop the work ethic, the commitment to courtesy, and the investment in personal responsibility that are the hallmarks of professionalism.
  • HTC students should be familiar with the role of intellectuals in society and in academia.

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