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WRITING SKILLS Learning Objectives

Tier I

Writing Skills Learning Objectives:

  • Communicate effectively in writing to a variety of audiences and for a variety of purposes.
  • Use writing as a tool for thinking and learning.
  • Develop skill in planning writing and completing tasks.
  • Appropriately apply conventions of writing.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Respond appropriately to diverse rhetorical situations.
  • Understand how genres shape reading and writing.
  • Write in several genres.
  • Use writing and reading for inquiry, learning, thinking, and communicating.
  • Integrate their own ideas with those of others.
  • Understand writing as a series of tasks, including finding, evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing primary and secondary sources.
  • Understand the relationships among language, knowledge, and power.
  • Be aware that it usually takes multiple drafts to create and complete a successful text of any kind.
  • Develop flexible strategies for generating, revising, editing, and proof-reading<./li>
  • Learn to critique their own and others' works.
  • Use a variety of strategies to address a range of audiences.
  • Develop knowledge of genre conventions ranging from structure and paragraphing to tone and mechanics.
  • Practice appropriate means of documenting their work.

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