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Student Learning Objectives from the "" College of Education

Adolescent and Young Adult

Undergraduate Program

The graduates of the Ohio University College of Education Adolescent to Young Adult Education Program will be effective, passionate, and caring educators who are:

  • Informed, responsible practitioners.
    Analyzing and organizing content knowledge for student learning. Teaching for student learning within their disciplines. Creating a clear vision for students about learning performances.
  • Committed to diversity.
    Creating a positive, supportive learning environment for student learning. Effectively addressing the needs of a diverse student population as related to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, culture, ability/disability.
  • Ethical, reflective decision-makers and problem-solvers.
    Possessing the skills to seek answers to problems and to identify cutting edge innovations in respective content areas. Exhibiting the mental skills to think critically and to reason prudently. Creating a community of learners who encourage each memberís diverse abilities and contributions.
  • Principled, expert leaders.
    Understanding the demands of coordinating national, state, and local standards as they relate to individual classrooms and students. Identifying innovations in content and pedagogy and capable of reflecting these changes through communication and cooperation with colleagues and in teaching practices.
  • Committed to their professional identity and growth.
    Examining their own classroom practice as a source of personal and professional growth Understanding the high expectations society holds for teachers and becoming professional, respectful and honored role models for students. Becoming members of professional learning community and involved in professional organizations for life-long learning.
  • Proficient and ethical users of technology Understanding the need and possessing the knowledge and skills to use educational technology to help all students learn. Following principles of ethical uses of resources and technology. Modeling and teaching students critical and ethical uses of technology and resources.
  • Competent and capable in research and assessment.
    Possessing skills to become teacher researchers for the purposes of improving teaching and learning. Proficient in using a variety of assessment tools for self-evaluation, reflection, monitoring of student learning, and using data to improve instructions.

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