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Student Learning Objectives from the "" College of Communication

Communication Studies

General communication skills
  • Demonstrates credibility through use of sound reasoning, research, and documentation
  • Manages multiple communication goals in speaking, writing, and listening
  • Demonstrates professionalism in following details of written and oral instructions
  • Takes the initiative to gain understanding or seek clarification
  • Identifies the main idea or key point of an oral or written message
  • Interprets graphs and charts relevant to course material
Critical thinking skills
  • Distinguishes between a claim and its support
  • Uses professional (i.e., non-textbook) sources to support and develop student's own insights
  • Articulates and defends ideas rigorously and systematically
  • Evaluates options and makes choices based on carefully identified and articulated criteria
  • Applies course concepts to practical situations
  • Analyzes an argument, theory, or other information-set into its component parts, processes, etc.
  • Relates and interprets causes and effects
  • Compares and contrasts 2 or more sets of information to identify similarities and differences
  • Generates solutions to problems and identifies appropriate means for achieving them
Oral communication skills
  • Chooses and applies a suitable organization pattern for an oral presentation of 5-10 minutes
  • Articulates ideas fluently and grammatically
  • Contributes productively to fulfillment of a group task
  • Interacts appropriately with audiences in formal settings
  • Speaks effectively to both native and second-language speakers
  • Uses presentational aids (print, a/v, electronic) effectively
Written communication skills
  • Chooses and applies a suitable organization pattern for a document of 5-10 pages
  • Writes without basic errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Communicates information about oral, print, and electronic resources using standard citation formats
Information skills
  • Demonstrates competence with information by using research material appropriately
  • Can identify and locate suitable print resources using Alice
  • Can identify and locate suitable print resources using a scholarly database (e.g., ERIC)
  • Can identify and locate suitable electronic resources using internet search engines
  • Can generate a topic for extended discussion via electronic mail
  • Uses appropriate computer software to prepare and present material
Graduate Students (created 1995)
  • Able to describe and explain theories and principles of communication in general and in area(s) of specialization
  • Able to conduct and publish complex scholarly research in human communication
  • Able to read, critically evaluate, and apply research in human communication
  • (As relevant given appointment with School and career plans) able to teach courses in area of specialization
  • Competent in the professional practice(s) of the specialization
  • Understands the expectations for teaching and engaging in research in the professional environment

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