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Geological Sciences

Undergraduate Programs
  • Students in the undergraduate programs will receive a quality preparatory education in Geological Sciences. Their knowledge and skills will be current, relevant, and practical. These students will be conversant with a blend of theory, laboratory and field skills.
  • Students completing the undergraduate programs will have enhanced their knowledge and skills in mathematics, computer literacy, communication, and critical and synthetic thinking as part of a program designed to deliver a current and relevant knowledge of their discipline.
  • Students completing the undergraduate programs will be capable of collecting data and conducting a field investigation, the results of which will be presented in the form of a geologic map and a written research report.
  • Students who graduate with appropriate grades will be able to compete successfully for positions at graduate schools nationwide.
Graduate Program
  • Students completing the Master's degree program in Geological Sciences will compare very favorably in the knowledge and practice of the discipline with those students completing similar programs nationally.
  • Master's degree graduates will be capable of conducting research, and will be able to individually propose, investigate, and bring to a conclusion, a research project. All graduates of the master's degree program will further be capable of reporting on the results of this project both orally and in writing.
  • Graduates of the Master's degree program will be well prepared for employment opportunities in the field of Geological Sciences.

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