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Student Learning Objectives from the "" college of arts and science


  • Demonstrate an understanding of the essential concepts and theories in the discipline of geography.
    a. Students will develop an understating of the essentials of human-environment, nature-society interactions.
    b. Students will understand human and physical characteristics of regions and places at different geographical scales.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze, interpret and communicate geographic problems and information.
    a. Students will learn to formulate geographical research questions.
    b. Students will learn to use geographical research methods, including spatial statistics, cartography, remote sensing, GIS and GPS.
    c. Students will be able to present work and research in written and oral form, graphically (maps and graphs) and quantitatively.
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop global, regional and local perspectives on human and environmental issues
    a. Students will learn to critically evaluate the impacts of human activities on natural environments.
    b. Students will gain a deeper understanding of global issues and their effects at the local level.
    c. Students will respect and value the diversity and perspectives of various world cultures.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to become better citizens
    a. Students will appreciate the relevance and application of geographical knowledge to everyday living.
    b. Students will learn to work effectively in collaborative settings.
    c. Students will become more environmentally aware and responsible in everyday life.

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