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Student Learning Objectives from the "" college of arts and science

Environmental Studies

Undergraduate Certificate in Environmental Studies

  • Participate in a rigorous, systematic, interdisciplinary study of the complex interactions between humans, other organisms, and the environment;
  • Select a curriculum plan that complements their major by a) enhancing awareness of the integration of environmental issues with other disciplines and b) improving their critical thinking and problem solving skills;
  • Demonstrate an improvement in environmental literacy, that is, the understanding of diverse environmental issues and problems; and
  • Enhance their career options by incorporating environmental knowledge and credentials with their major field of study.

Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies

  • Design an interdisciplinary curriculum plan that optimizes their understanding of environmental issues;
  • Formulate research questions and implement sound scientific methods to answer these questions;
  • Express an enhanced understanding of environmental issues in the form of a thesis or project report;
  • Demonstrate improvements in written and oral communication skills through numerous opportunities for preparing written reports and orally presenting research;
  • Participate in learning activities that provide service to the university and community; and
  • Prepare for environmental careers in the public or private sectors or for doctoral programs in environmental sciences and interdisciplinary studies.

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