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Classics and World Religions

  • Students should be able to read Latin or Greek (or, for a World Religions major, a foreign language relevant to the area of specialization in World Religions). The reading level will vary, depending on whether the student has met the minimum language requirement of two years study of the language or gone beyond this.
  • Students should have mastered a relevant base of knowledge associated with the discipline. They should be able to draw on this knowledge to analyze ideas and events from multiple perspectives. They should be able to combine this knowledge with an understanding of methods of research and scholarship in the various specialties of Classics or World Religions.
  • Students should have developed the tools necessary to conduct research in the discipline at a level appropriate for undergraduates. This includes an understanding of how to draw upon texts and material remains as evidence, to synthesize this evidence, and to express the synthesis in articulate written, oral, and or visual form.
  • Students should be able to critique the research of others in the discipline.
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