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Purpose of the Event
"Teaching is perhaps the most privatized of all the public professions. Though we teach in front of students, we almost always teach solo, out of collegial sight - behind closed doors."
-Parker Palmer, The Courage to Teach

The purpose of Spotlight on Learning is to provide a large-scale venue for faculty to "show and tell" about innovative learning-centered pedagogies that they have successfully implemented in the classroom.

It will present a unique opportunity to explore transformations in instructional practices, which have the potential to advance learning productivity, knowledge retention and higher order thinking.

Through poster sessions, roundtable discussions, demos and presentations, faculty will share how they cultivate learning experiences that are truly learner-centered and customized to the way individual students learn best. This is a way to promote and recognize the great work that faculty members have been doing to engage students in active thinking, inquiry and the discovery of different ways of knowing.

For more information
This showcase event seeks to be responsive to faculty interests and needs. If you have suggestions, comments, or interests you would like to pursue, please don't hesitate to contact Barbara Reeves at 593-2577 or via e-mail at Or you can contact Jennifer Scott at 589-6980 or via e-mail at


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