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Women Running for Office: Bootcamp 101




The goal of Women Running for Office: Bootcamp 101 is a nonpartisan pilot project to provide participants with an overview of the possibilities and the process of campaigning for an elected office. 

According to the Ohio Capital Journal (2020), women are represented in only 29.5% of elected office holders in Ohio counties although women comprise about half of the workers in the United States.

Bootcamp 101 is designed to dispel the myths of running for and holding office, to provide information for women who may consider running for office, or women who want to work on campaigns or advocate for other candidates. The presenters are women who have experience in the electoral process, campaigns, running for and/or serving in offices in Ohio.  


Date: Friday, April 21, 2023
Venue: OHIO University Lancaster

The training is free of charge.

All participants who attend will receive a Certificate of Completion for the training.


Part 1:  Running for Office – Where to Start

  • Status of Women study findings – Pam Kaylor, Laurie Lach
  • Running for what?  Local, state, national opportunities – Job Descriptions/Qualifications
  • Dispelling the Myths
  • How to run for local offices
  • Campaign overview and structure

Part 2:  Planning the Campaign

  • Developing a campaign plan and strategy
  • Messaging and Platform 
  • Promoting Your Platform
  • The Process of Campaigning
  • Panel of women who have run for office to do a roundtable discussion and a Q&A
  • Public Speaking and Stumping
  • Finding your Tribe of Volunteers and Support staff

Part 3:  Fundraising and Marketing

  • Fundraising Rules and Practices -
  • Endorsement and Power Brokers
  • Marketing: Traditional Forms
  • Marketing: Social Media
  • Resources to Learn MORE

Sponsorship Opportunity

Would you like to be a sponsor for this program?

Please contact Dr. Pamela Kaylor at