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The Mousetrap




The Mousetrap Poster 






Mason Taylor and Misha Harlow Abby Snyder and Mason TaylorTim Beers and Misha Harlow Misha Harlow and Mason Taylor

Mark SpanglerMaryKate Wright

Shannon Webb and MaryKate WrightTim Beers and Shannon Webb

Misha Harlow and Matt Dennis Tim Beers, Charles Joseph Seebach, Misha Harlow, Mason Taylor, and Mark Spangler

Charles Joseph SeebachAbby Snyder

Mark Spangler, Shannon Webb, Matt Dennis, and Charles Joseph Seebach Shannon Webb and MaryKate Wright

Misha Harlow, Charles Joseph Seebach, and Shannon WebbMisha Harlow and Charles Joseph Seebach

Misha Harlow and Charles Joseph Seebach Charles Joseph Seebach and Misha Harlow

Misha Harlow and Mason TaylorMisha Harlow and Mason Taylor


(in order of appearance) 

Mollie Ralston...Misha Harlow 

Giles Ralston...Mason Taylor

Christopher Wren...Tim Beers

Mrs. Boyle...MaryKate Wright & Abby Snyder

Major Metcalf...Mark Spangler

Miss Casewell...Shannon Webb

Mr. Paravicini...Matt Dennis

Detective Sergeant Trotter...Charles Joseph Seebach 


The Setting


Scene 1 The Great Hall of Monkswell Manor, Late afternoon

Scene 2 The same, The following day after lunch 


The same. Ten minutes later.


Abby Snyder, Matt Dennis, Misha Harlow, Charles Joseph Seebach, Mason Taylor, Tim Beers, Shannon Webb, and Mark Spangler


The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie is produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.