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Semesters Begin at Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington

August 22, 2012


Lancaster – After years of planning and waiting, semesters at Ohio University Lancaster Campus and Pickerington Center are finally here. Fall semester starts on Monday, August 27.


"It was a big process really," said Associate Dean Paul Abraham. "But, overall, it's a good move because of the efficiencies semesters provide."


The move means the yearly academic calendar changes from three, 10-week quarters to two, 14-week semesters. Classes start a week earlier under the semester system and end in the spring about a month earlier.  That means summer break will be about 17 weeks long.


"Students who are trying to graduate in four years will have one more class each term, but will have fewer classes overall." said Abraham. "Instead of taking four classes a quarter, they will take five courses each semester.  But, since there are only two semesters, they will take 10 courses in a year, instead of 12."


Abraham said that moving from three quarters to two semesters will save students time, since they'll only have to register for classes twice a year.  It will also save the students money, since they'll have fewer classes and less books to buy.


The class schedules will mostly stay the same.  Classes will be held on Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday, leaving Fridays and Saturdays open for "one day only" classes and the lab components of some science classes. But, the length of the class period is changing.


"The average class period is now shorter in length, but classes will still start at 8 in the morning," said Abraham. "We kept the classes meeting two days a week because our students are commuters and we tried to keep the number of commutes down."


The State of Ohio mandated that all public universities be on the semester system by the fall of 2012, and even though it was a long, complicated conversion process, Abraham thinks it will be a good thing for students and faculty. 


"It may take students a little bit to get used to the fact that they have more classes to take in a single semester, but I think once they talk with their advisor, they'll understand the steps they have to take to get their degree," said Abraham.