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Campus Safety and Security

Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide - Pickerington

In general, NOTIFY emergency personnel as soon as possible by dialing 911 from a campus phone or a cell phone. Once the Sheriff or emergency personnel arrive they are in charge.

Always NOTIFY the Administrator’s Office by calling 614-367-4100 (74100 from campus phone) as they will notify the Dean’s Office and Lancaster Campus.

Accident/Injury: Relay exact location and type of emergency to 911 and the administrator on duty. One AED (automatic defibrillator) is located outside the central office area near the administrator’s office. Call a family member or friend if requested by the injured person. Record pertinent information about the incident and give to an OUPC staff member at the scene.

Active Shooter: Call 911. Direct students and faculty/staff away from area. Notify the administrator on duty. Give a description of the suspect to police when they arrive. If the intruder begins to use a weapon, use your judgment to get out or take cover and urge others to do so. Engage physically only if no other options exist.

Bomb Threat: Write down what the caller says and notes about background noise (clues to caller’s location). Contact the administrator on duty or dial 74101 on a campus phone. Wait for further instruction from OUPC Staff or the Police Dept. Avoid using cell phones as signal may detonate explosive device; urge others not to use cell phones.

Explosive Device: Report a suspicious package to the administrator on duty. Do NOT touch or remove package. Calmly direct students and faculty/staff away from the area. Do not use cell phones as signal may detonate explosive device; urge others not to use cell phones.

Chemical/Toxic: Observe the general threat/spill and/or condition of victim. Call 911 if a victim is in need of immediate medical assistance. Call/notify the administrator on duty. Calmly direct students and faculty/staff away from the area. Report pertinent information about the incident to a staff member at the scene who will call Central Ohio Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222, if necessary.

Fire: Activate fire alarm to immediately alert Fire Department and evacuate the building, making sure restrooms are clear. If you hear the alarm while in a closed room, feel the door before you open it. If hot, leave it closed and exit through an alternate path (window).

Power Outage: The administrator on duty will assess situation/duration and inform the Dean of the outage status. Provided that there is adequate light, keep students in classrooms and buildings until the situation is assessed. Emergency lights in halls and stairways will come on and provide lighting for at least an hour.

Tornadoes: Pickerington has an emergency siren system for tornado warnings where a tornado has been sighted or conditions currently exist for a tornado to form or is approaching our quadrant of the county. When siren is heard, move to safe areas designated by directives in classrooms (lowest interior level – safe in hallways and away from exterior glass). Remain in a designated safe area until instructed to leave. Note: The siren stopping Does Not indicate it is safe to leave.

Parking Lots: The parking lot is equipped with an emergency ‘blue light’ telephone station (near sidewalk between buildings) The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department is called by activating the ‘blue light’ telephone.

The Dean or Director of Marketing & Communications will serve as the only institutional spokesperson. Faculty and Staff are asked to not describe events on social media.

In case of a life-threatening emergency, an individual should CALL 911, proceed to a safe place when applicable, and NOTIFY the administrator on duty.