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Ohio University Lancaster Students Stay Positive During Changing Times

Ohio University Lancaster Students Stay Positive During Changing Times

by Dylan James

As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to impact all facets of everyday life, Ohio University Lancaster students are staying positive and optimistic about what the future holds.


“I have been staying positive by keeping myself occupied and busy.” Shares Alexis Nelson, a current junior at Ohio University Lancaster majoring in Communications. “I keep myself busy by finding hobbies that I have never done before. I just started learning to crochet, knit and also paint random jars in my house! I love warm weather and find myself being happy while doing homework outside in my hammock.”


Jack Drager, a junior at Ohio University Lancaster majoring in Communications too, has also found himself relishing in nature. “I’ve been spending time outside and working on home improvement projects. In a strange way, we’re lucky this pandemic is happening at the changing of seasons as we can all go outside and do stuff. I’ve been enjoying my time out there.”


Currently pursuing her LET Associate’s Degree at Ohio University Lancaster, Katy Keys has been staying active and enjoying the outdoors too. “During this quarantine, I have stayed positive and active by waking up early and getting my schoolwork out of the way so I can spend the remainder of my day doing some of my favorite activities: going hiking, walking, running, at home workouts and reading books! Take advantage of the time off. We are so fast-paced all the time that I believe that we don’t fully experience the entirety of our lives.”


Keys, Drager and Nelson are a few of many Ohio University Lancaster students currently staying positive amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic, and for students who are perhaps struggling with social distancing, Keys says it best.


“When the thoughts of negativity crawl into your mind, drink some water and think about the positive things you have experienced. Remember that we will get through this so cherish and look forward to the moments that you will get to experience again once this quarantine is lifted! Write down your past experiences and your future plans if you need to! If we all choose to be purposeful with this time, we will come out better and more genuine individuals.”


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