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OHIO Lancaster Hosts Free Financial Literacy Seminar Series

January 10, 2023

Ohio University Lancaster will host a Financial Literacy Seminar Series beginning on Thursday, January 26. This annual series is sponsored by Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan and Park National Bank. These educational seminars will be free to attend and open to the public.

“I’m thrilled Ohio University Lancaster has partnered with Fairfield Federal and Park National Bank,” Jarrod Tudor, dean of campus and community relations at OHIO Lancaster, said. “As part of our commitment to the community, we strive to offer valuable resources that extend beyond our academic programs. We welcome the community to take advantage of these free learning opportunities.”

The Financial Literacy Seminar Series will cover a wide range of topics. Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan will share their expertise on student loan programs, mortgage loans, real estate transactions, and careers in banking and finance. Park National Bank will discuss retirement and estate planning, the basic fundamentals of investing, responsible uses of credit.

“This program is an exciting educational opportunity for our community that will help participants build a solid foundation for their future financial success,” Mary Snider, president and director of Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan, said. “As a banker, I often counsel customers to help them improve their credit standing or overall financial health. This program is a perfect complement to our mission at Fairfield Federal, to promote thrift and homeownership.”

Laura Tussing, chief experience officer and regional president of Park National Bank, said she was excited to partner with OHIO Lancaster for the series. “Park believes strongly in the importance of financial education and providing our community members the tools to achieve their financial goals. We are proud to be a part of this.”

Each seminar will take place in Brasee Hall, Room 211, at 6 p.m.

Refreshments will be provided. A full list of programming can be found below. 

Presented by:


Student Loans 

Presented by: Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan

Thursday, January 26

Information about student loan programs and loan options; effects of payment deferrals on the loan balance; loan payment calculations and repayment terms; and Pell grants and scholarships.


Mortgage Math

Presented by: Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan

Thursday, February 2

Most people who buy a home today do not have enough cash to pay the entire purchase price.  In this class, attendees will learn about the types of mortgage loans widely available, the mortgage loan underwriting process, and the breakdown of a mortgage loan payment including escrows. Attendees will review an actual mortgage document and learn the purpose it serves.


Planning for Retirement, Estate Planning, and Pension Plans 

Presented by: Park National Bank

Thursday, February 9

You’ve heard the saying, “If you fail to plan then you’re planning to fail.” Planning is a key element to financial wellness, whether it be for your retirement or for your legacy. In this class, we’ll cover the ins and outs of planning for retirement and the different types of accounts to get you there, including pension plans. We will also cover an often-overlooked element of financial wellness, estate planning.  

*Investment products are not FDIC insured, not bank guaranteed, and may lose value.


Buying and Selling a Home

Presented by: Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan

Thursday, February 16

Homeownership is still the American dream for most of us. This class will provide a detailed look at the home buying and selling process, beginning with mortgage loan preapprovals, the marketing of residential properties and engaging the use of real estate agents, listing agreements, purchase agreements, inspections, real estate appraisals, the title search, title insurance and general warranty deeds, escrows, closings and closing costs.


Stock Investing, Mutual Fund Investing, and Cryptocurrency

Presented by: Park National Bank

Thursday, March 2

If you’re unfamiliar with the investment world, it can be daunting to jump in. The different terms and approaches can sound confusing, and it can even prevent people from investing in the first place.  

In this class, we’ll break down some of the basic fundamentals and terms when it comes to investing, putting you on more confident path to understanding what’s being done with your money when you invest. Even if you’re familiar with some of the basic terms, a refresher can always help in the ever-changing world of investing.

*Investment products are not FDIC insured, not bank guaranteed, and may lose value.


Consumer Credit, Responsible Use of Credit, and Rebuilding Credit

Presented by: Park National Bank

Thursday, March 9

In this seminar, we’ll discuss the different forms of consumer credit, when it makes sense to use each option and how to effectively manage this form of financing.


Careers in Banking and Finance

Presented by: Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan & Park National Bank

Thursday, March 23

You don’t just have to be good at math to have a rewarding career in banking. A panel of local bankers will discuss their own career paths and the many career opportunities available in the banking industry such as mortgage and consumer lending, branch management, human resources, compliance, internal audit, information technology and marketing.