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OHIO Lancaster Professor Joins 65 ALIVE! Livestream Event

OHIO Lancaster Professor Joins 65 ALIVE! Livestream Event

Kevin Cordi, Assistant Professor of education and literacy, joined the 65 ALIVE Livestream series this week. 65 ALIVE! is an eight day livestream event featuring a new theme and new guests every day. Each day the series broadcasts 65 minutes on the power and practice of story.

Cordi participated in a conversation with Madza Ednir, Bob Stilger, and Mary Alice Arthur on claiming their stories around what matters. They are all working on some big subjects including creating a global economy, working with people after challenge and disaster, and creating better education, but they are all united in the idea that the stories they tell about these things matter and how they tell them matters.

“I believe using narrative is one powerful way to help our students create meaning and for me to teach ideas in a manner our students understand,” Cordi said. “I am honored to represent Ohio University Lancaster and Ohio University as I share my study of how narrative and the practice of making and telling stories can create new directions for teaching and learning.  I am honored to included in this international/national panel of experts.”

You can learn more about 65 ALIVE! at getsoaring.com/65-ALIVE and listen to Kevin Cordi's conversation on Facebook.