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OHIO Lancaster faculty featured in Lancaster Eagle Gazette article

OHIO Lancaster faculty featured in Lancaster Eagle Gazette article

Ohio University Lancaster faculty member, Pamela Kaylor, was featured in the Lancaster Eagle Gazette this week. Kaylor discussed her background and the experience she had in college that ultimately led her to her teaching career.

"Some of the criminal justice students were being quite rude talking about stereotypes like women just don't know when to shut up," she said. "I was appalled that the professor did not handle it appropriately. So I had to talk to the students and kind of turn that conversation around because these were going to be our future police officers and lawyers. So it was at that moment I realized that I think I could be a professor."

Kaylor is a professor of instruction in the school of communication studies. She also teaches part-time in women's gender and sexuality studies. In addition to teaching, she created and serves as the co-chair for Celebrate Women. The annual Celebrate Women conference, now in its sixteenth year, aims to bridge women’s relationships in areas of community, university and professions.

Kaylor received her Ph.D. when she was 40. As someone who returned to school at a later age, Kaylor said she tells other non-traditional students that they have an advantage over younger students. She is an advisor for adult students entering college.

"They have life experience," she said of older students. "They have a desire to be there that sometimes surpasses people that went right out of high school."

Having spent 25 years in the education field, her passion for learning and teaching continues to grow. She said she has the best job in the world.

To read the full article, please visit the Lancaster Eagle Gazette. Visit our communication studies page to learn more about the communication studies program offered at Ohio University Lancaster.