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May 26, 2019 : Ohio University Lancaster Helps Communications Major Realize His Dream

by Kellie Crawford


ben spanglerBen Spangler is currently a Communications major at the Lancaster Campus, working towards his dream of becoming a successful salesman. He is a proud graduate from Bloom Carroll High School in 2018. Working in sales has not always been his dream, though. Originally, his dream was to be a student athlete, focusing on his talents in baseball. However, after many years and a countless games, Ben decided that he wanted to focus his time solely on furthering his education.


After researching many different colleges, he chose to enroll at Ohio University Lancaster. Ohio University Lancaster’s low tuition, convenient location, and flexible scheduling sealed the deal for Ben. He could still work his part-time job at Meadows Custom Homes as a subcontractor while going to school, allowing him to save up for his future.


Going to the Lancaster campus also meant that he would not have to pay for a meal plan, saving even more money.


Once he started his classes at the Lancaster campus, Ben discovered the team of helpful professors that always make time no matter how last notice the request. "The advisors and the staff are very helpful,”  he said. One aspect that makes Communications as a major so enjoyable for him are the incredible professors and interactive classes. He specifically shared how Candice Maddox and Beth Hawks “are always there to help no matter what the case is.”


Ben has a step-by-step plan for after graduation in 2020. He wants to start out working as a salesman either in real estate or at a car dealership.  His hard work and dedication will build his reputation as he works to provide the best service for his clients. Once he is well established, Ben plans on making a move to Florida.


When he arrives in the Sunshine State, he wants to pursue his dream of becoming either a medical device salesman or a high-end real estate salesman. These jobs are so appealing to Ben because of the traveling opportunities and the fun, interactive environments.


In the meantime, Ben will enjoy his time left at the Lancaster Campus. He is happy that he chose to attend a regional campus instead of a large university. Spangler said, “I would recommend this school to anyone who is unsure where to attend. If I could do it over, I would do the exact same thing.”