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October 07, 2019 : Women’s Volleyball Ready to Compete in ORCC Tournament Play

By Dylan James

The Ohio University Lancaster Women’s Volleyball Team is having themselves a strong season thus far. Entering Thursday’s game against MVNU JV, their record currently sits at 6-4. And in conference play, their record is a solid 3-1.


It’s been a season of adjustment thus far, but head coach Kelsy Nye has taken the challenge in stride and is loving every second of leading her team. “Coaching these girls this season has been exciting and fun.” Nye reflects. “I have quite a few new girls so I had to learn new personalities and types of athletes and adjust my coaching. But it has been a pleasure to coach all of these great girls.”


Amidst collective team effort, junior Olivia Daniels has been having a spectacular year. Coach Nye highlights the skill set that Daniels brings out to the floor each and every night. “She is a phenomenal front-row player. Whether I put her as a middle hitter or outside, she gets done what is needed. As well as her back row playing, she rarely lets a ball hit the floor. And she is a role model for the newer girls and has shown such patience teaching them this season.”


No one player makes a team and this is a sentiment that coach Nye expresses. Every player this season has made their own contributions. To name a few more, freshman Sam Conrad has played excellently as a libero—it’s a new position to her and she stepped up when the position needed filled. Sophomore Grace Bower has grown tremendously as an athlete since last season and has proven to be unafraid of big moments. Junior Leeanne Stevens, setter, has been the team’s spark plug all year long and sophomore Kaylin Dewese has been an absolute force on the outside with her hitting and blocking skills.


For Dewese, a graduate of Fairfield Christian Academy, Ohio University Lancaster Women’s Volleyball has meant more to her than she ever could’ve imagined. “As a freshman it is really hard transitioning from a high school, where you know a lot of people and a lot of people know you, to college where your back to the bottom of the totem pole. Getting involved in volleyball was probably one of the best things I could have done for myself coming into college. It gave me a sense of belonging. Without it, I wouldn’t have the friends that I have today.”


The team has 3 more regular season games before starting Ohio Regional Campus Conference (ORCC) tournament play. The team is ready to compete, and Coach Nye looks forward to leading them. “We have a few scores to settle and a point to prove with this tournament and I’m excited for the girls to come out on top!”