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October 29, 2018 : High school graduate starts college with a semester head start

graceby Sarah Shy


Grace Lach is a Bloom-Carroll High-school graduate that participated in Ohio University Lancaster’s College Credit Plus (CCP) program. The CCP program gives high school students the opportunity to take college level courses to earn credit towards an undergraduate major. In turn, this gives students a jump-start into their college career. Lach already had 21 credits toward her major by the time of her high-school graduation.


After completing all of her requirements to graduate high school, Lach decided she wanted a challenge, so she started college courses at the Lancaster campus. Not only would this be a new challenge for her, but it would benefit her future.


While as a high-school senior, Lach found it easy to juggle her classes at her high-school and the university. She also credits the support from her teachers and professors for working with her needs so that she was able to accomplish her goals.


“I was able to find a balance between high-school and college. Throughout my entire senior year, I found every one of my professors were willing to work with me when I needed help.” Lach said.


It was because of Lach’s familiarity with Ohio University Lancaster that solidified her decision to pursue her studies here. She knew the university has a good reputation, harbored highly regarded staff and faculty, and was a short drive from her high-school. The campus was the perfect place to start her path onto her future career.


When asked about what studies she decided to pursue, she said she has always been curious about the human body and how it functions, because of this interest she chose to study Pre-Professional Biology with intentions of going to Med-School and eventually becoming a forensic pathologist.


Once she graduates, she plans to continue her education and move on to her Doctorate within the next five years.


Lach had a great experience through the CCP program. She had this to say about it, “CCP was an amazing opportunity as a high school student to gain college credit, take classes I knew that I would enjoy, and challenge myself academically. I highly recommend students come to OUL if any of those things appeal to them.”


For more information about College Credit Plus, click here 


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