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February 01, 2013 : "Walk to Athens" Competition to Begin at Ohio University Lancaster Monday
- Cheri Russo
Communications and Marketing Manager

Employees at Ohio University's Lancaster Campus will be walking to the main campus in Athens this semester. But, they will not be traveling on U.S. Highway 33. They will be walking while at work and at home, keeping track of the number of steps they take or the miles they travel.


"We want to encourage faculty and staff to be active and healthy," said Communications and Marketing Manager Cheri Russo. "So, we thought one way to do that is to start a friendly competition and see which employees could 'walk to Athens' first."


The competition will be based on the honor system. It will allow employees to record the number of steps they took in a day with a pedometer or track how many miles they travel on a treadmill. The first five people to report they have either traveled 50 miles or 101,200 steps before the end of the semester will be considered the winners.


"The winners will get Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington t-shirts, coffee mugs and umbrellas," said Russo.


The competition begins Monday, February 4. Treadmills in the Lancaster Campus equipment room can be used to track miles traveled. Employees are encouraged to use the facility during lunch breaks or after-hours.


The winners of the "Walk to Athens" competition will be announced at the end of the semester. Those employees will have bragging rights and will be asked to help create the next employee competition.


The Ohio University Lancaster Campus and Pickerington Center are going to work to both become fitTOGETHER certified in 2013. The goal of fitTogether is to promote healthier eating habits and exercise to members of the community. Businesses who want to become fitTOGETHER certified need to show a committee that they are promoting healthy lifestyles in the work environment.