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Roger and Sally Grossenbacher
June 25, 2013 : OUL 60 + Program Puts Seniors Back in the Classroom

- Cheri Russo

Communications and Marketing Manager


Lancaster – 68-year old Sally Grossenbacher said she can't wait for the school year to begin each fall because that means she gets to go back to school just like the kids do. Grossenbacher takes classes at Ohio University Lancaster each semester as part of the 60 + program.


"I'm always the oldest one in the class, which is fine," said Grossenbacher. "I've learned a lot from the younger people. I found it to be a really good experience."


The 60 + program gives senior citizens in the community a chance to take college classes for free. Anyone over the age of 60 can take a regular credit class for non-credit.


"It's a great opportunity for seniors to get back in the classroom," said Community and Corporate Learning Administrative Coordinator Maryann Lape. "They can share their life experience with the class and learn a few things they didn't know before and not have to worry about a grade."


Grossenbacher and her husband, Roger, live in Lancaster. The retired school teacher said she takes classes more frequently than her husband, but they both enjoy it.


"I'll be up there taking classes again this fall," said Grossenbacher. "Since I am a retired school teacher, I will not take an education class. I have taken history and human services classes. I find those very interesting."


The program allows those over the age of 60 to participate in any class. The only requirements are that there has to be room available in the class and the instructor has to agree to it. 


"History and math courses seem to be the most popular classes taken," said Lape. "During a typical semester, we get 10 to 12 people taking a variety of classes."


"Senior citizens who take the classes seem happy and appreciative," said Interim Community and Corporate Learning Director Ron Cullums. "They are not required to do any homework or take any exams. They just participate in the class at whatever level they want."


"I think it's a great. Sometimes I do the work and sometimes I don't," said Grossenbacher. "It's whatever you want to make it.If you live close, I don't know why you wouldn't do it."


Registration for the 60 + Program takes place a few days before the beginning of each semester. Fall Semester begins August 26.