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July 03, 2018 : Ohio University Lancaster’s Hannah V. McCauley Library continues to expand offerings

by Sarah Shy


libraryThrough the OhioLINK, SearchOHIO, and the ALICE catalogue, Ohio University Lancaster students have access to more knowledge than typical Ivy League universities. Students can rent text books and reading material or search for journals and resources through university libraries including Ohio University Lancaster’s Hannah V. McCauley Library.


SearchOHIO—the newest addition to the library database—is bringing additional content to the over half a million people using the databases. SearchOHIO opens the doors to public libraries and gives members access to more mainstream content like best sellers, fiction, books for kids, and more.


Judy Carey Nevin, director of the library , is excited to announce that the Columbus Metropolitan Library system has joined SearchOHIO (a group of public libraries) in order to make their collections available to OhioLINK users. Students, staff, faculty and Friends of the Library with current membership status can now request items from CML and have them shipped to Ohio University Lancaster. All items may be returned to the campus as well.


This means students and members have access to millions of titles through OhioLINK and its partner SearchOHIO.

“SearchOHIO is easy to use if students are familiar with OhioLINK. Click the SearchOHIO link on the library page and search for what interests you. When you find something you like, click the “request” button. OUL students and employees will enter their username and passwords. Friends of the Library will use their last name and their PID found on membership cards.” Nevin said.


If students need to find text books, OhioLINK and SearchOHIO may just have what the student is looking for and books can be rented for free throughout the whole semester.


One great resource OhioLINK offers is the Electronic Journal Center which had a major database upgrade in 2016 and now offers 26 million journal articles to access. Field experts from member libraries sort through which eJournals will stay or be added to the collection. Once approved, articles are available through publisher’s websites or the Electronic Journal Center and can be viewed by all staff, students, and Friends of the Library members.


OhioLINK employees negotiate the best prices and packages for content from the publishers. The academic libraries will vote on the best offers given. For the 2015-2016 school year, OhioLINK representatives negotiated to make new contracts and renew older ones, which brought in a numerous amount of new content for member libraries.


Member libraries receive decent price discounts and the more members that get on board with OhioLINK, the better the savings. The price discount deals end up being cheaper compared to purchasing from a publisher alone.


“We can afford things that we might not have been able to afford before and that’s great for small schools. By sharing the prices and having someone to negotiate for the schools, we get a better bang for our buck.” Nevin said.


Ohio University has a localized version of OhioLINK called the ALICE catalogue. This digital database only shows content from main and regional campuses and if a student knows what they are searching for, this is a good place to begin. Searches are easier with the ability to start by academic subject. If the campuses do not have what a student is looking for, the student can expand into public library databases.  


“We really enjoy helping overwhelmed students find resources and information for their classes. However, I think it can be intimidating, if you’ve never used a library in an academic setting, to make that first step and ask for help.” Nevin said.


Community members also have access to content on all the databases through a special membership with Hannah V. McCauley Library called Friends of the Library. With a custom monthly membership fee, they will have most of the same access and privileges of an Ohio University student or staff member. Members of Friends of the Library can check out library material and use the online resources. The fee that members’ pay goes toward library events and new additions to the current collection, all accessible to Friends of the Library members.


Friends memberships start at $5 for recent graduates and go up to any amount someone might like to contribute. Typical amounts are $10 for senior citizens, $20 for individuals, and $35 for families. Then people can choose any additional amount as a one-time donation to the Friends. Friends memberships give members the ability to request material from 125+ academic libraries in Ohio in addition to 25+ public libraries—including Columbus Metro system.


Also, Friends members can join special events like “Image, Word, and Melody: An Art Show and Music/Songwriting Demonstration” starting at 5:15pm on February 22nd at the Ray Wilkes Gallery for the Visual Arts, Brasee Hall 5th Floor


The Hannah V. McCauley Library at Ohio University Lancaster typically hosts two speakers each year that are connection with the university or Fairfield County. Last year, the founder of Freecycle—Deron Beal—visited the regional campus. He leads a nonprofit organization through which people can give items to other community members for free.


The library also hosts professors who speak about their current or future work. Having professors come to speak about what they are doing may just spark interest in a student for certain classes or topics—which can be very helpful to those students that are undecided on what they are wanting to take.


Nevin said she encourages students, staff, and members to recommend books and material for the library’s collection. Anyone who has a recommendation for new reading material can contact the library through an email, link on the library’s homepage or a visit to Hannah V. McCauley Library. Nevin wants to keep adding to the collection and keep mainstream sections up-to-date with the interests of members and students alike.


For more information click here or visit the Hannah V. McCauley library in Brasee Hall on the Ohio University Lancaster Campus.