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December 03, 2012 : O.U. Lancaster Campus and Pickerington Center Can Make New Year’s Resolutions a Reality
- Cheri Russo
Communications and Marketing Manager

Lancaster – As fall semester is coming to a close, spring semester is just around the corner. Spring semester starts at a time when people are sometimes looking for a new beginning and some choose to find that new beginning by going to college.


"This is the time of year where some people are looking forward to the new year and maybe making changes in their life and making a new year's resolution to improve their career and job skills," said Enrollment Manager Pat Fox.


The Lancaster Campus is holding placement testing and orientations in December and early January for students who want to start classes spring semester. Classes begin January 14.


"We are an open enrollment campus. As a state institution, we accept people that have a high school diploma or GED," said Fox. "The whole process to enroll can take a week or less."


People interested in coming to school at the Lancaster Campus can apply online or they can come to the campus and fill out a paper application. The process is also simple for students who want to transfer to the Lancaster Campus from another institution.


"At this time of year, we do see a lot of transfer students," said Fox. "Perhaps the student went way to college freshman year. We get some people who come home at Christmas and they are home sick. They want to stay home. We want you to continue your higher education experience, so here is a place where you can do that.Just get us a transcript from your former school."


Fox said that some who decide they want to go to college worry that if they enroll too close to the start of classes, they won't be able to get into any of the courses they need. But, she said that's really not the case.


"On a regional campus we have much more flexibility than a traditional college campus.We have a committee that looks at the classes that are already full.  We say do we need to add another section of this class? We can do that kind of on the fly," said Fox. "We can switch things around to accommodate the local student who made this decision to come to school."


Others worry that since they do not know exactly what they want to study, coming back to school is a bad idea. But, Fox said you can get basic courses out of the way, while you figure out exactly what degree you want to have when you graduate.


"We have professional advisers in the student services office that focus on career exploration," said Fox. "We are Ohio University. You can start your degree here at Ohio University Lancaster or Pickerington and either complete it all here, without ever leaving or O.U. has more than 200 bachelor's degrees that you can start here and finish in Athens by the simple process of relocating."


If family or work obligations are a concern, Fox said classes are offered in the morning and evening and online. There is also a wide selection of classes offered one night per week or on Fridays or Saturdays.  So, you can make a schedule that fits your life. The Lancaster Campus has a daycare facility to help students with childcare as well.


"We have students that come into our offices and say I work swing shift or I work second shift, which isn't normally conducive for someone wanting to go to college," said Fox. "But, we have classes that start at 8 a.m. and the last student walks out of here at 10 at night. So, it's very diverse in the timing of when you can put your class schedule together."


If you are interested in enrolling, call the Ohio University Lancaster Student Services Office at 74-654-6711 extension 215.