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take back the night
October 19, 2012 : Take Back the Night Rally Speaks Against Violence

October 19, 2012


Men, women, and children will rally against gendered violence on Tuesday, October 23 from 6-8 p.m. for the 7th Annual Take Back the Night at Ohio University Pickerington.Human trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence are the targeted topics. Speakers from regional organizations will share their experiences and information to create awareness and join forces in addressing the issues.

Activities for the evening will include speakers, music, and dramatic readings. Speakers will discuss the local problems of violence, share readings of strength and empowerment, and give insights and ideas for empowerment.


This event is a collaborative effort between women's and gender studies classes and the community. Students have planned the program, requested speakers, created programs, and created informational posters and flyers.  Instructors Beth Sertell, Lori Dunlap, Jamie Hettinger, and Pamela Kaylor are also coordinating the efforts between classes.


Take Back the Night began in New York City in 1973 as an effort to break the silence that enables violence to continue.Violence has become a part of our daily existence, touching every generation, race, and social stratum.By bringing women together, it enables women to empower one another through shared experiences instead of remaining isolated and powerless. 


"We take back the night to begin a new day," says one organizer. "We hope the public will support our public awareness program and contribute to stopping violence in our area."