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May 12, 2018 : History major gets creative with podcasting

by Sarah Shy


EricSmithMany talented students are enrolled at Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington. Eric D. Smith is not only busy here on campus but is also involved in some fascinating work outside of classes.


Smith is a full-time student juggling work at the Hannah V McCauley Library here at Ohio University Lancaster and as a student operator through the Ohio University Learning Network. Between all he does here at the Laancaster Campus, Smith also runs a podcast available online at his website,  It is also available on Facebook, YouTube or on iTunes. He was introduced to the casting world by his co-host Matt Frazier. Frazier asked Smith if he would be willing to be interviewed; Smith decided to go for it.


“I was hesitant at first, thinking that I really had nothing interesting to say, but he convinced me otherwise. After doing two shows where Matt interviewed me, I started co-hosting with him. After seven more shows, I accepted Matt’s offer to become equal partners. We also added another equal partner, Tangent D. Noir.” Smith said.


These three partners equally work on the podcast, each using their talents for certain areas of their business. “Matt guides us in and out of the show, writes the bumper music, interviews, and handle the video post-production. I handle the contracting and scheduling of guests, interviews, and all audio post-production. Tangent works with our online presence, creating our websites, Facebook page and YouTube site.” Smith said. 


With so many options and versatility to starting podcasts, one might find the whole idea daunting, not so according to Smith.


“For us, it was not very difficult to get started. I was professionally trained in audio production here at OUL and all three of us have a background recording music and operation computers. Since show twelve, the quality of the show and its delivery have improved dramatically. It wasn’t too expensive to get started. We already had a lot of good equipment, hardware, and software because of our music background. However, it can add up to a lot more depending on someone’s podcasting needs. In truth, all one really needs to get started is a microphone and computer with internet access.” Smith said.


Since the beginning, Smith and his co-hosts have interviewed and talked with many interesting individuals about a variety of subjects. Sometimes, the topics turn to inspire listeners and help motivate them towards goals they want to accomplish.


 “Certain themes have appeared over the course of the shows we have done. In particular, is the need for people to do what they want and intend to do. If your intent is to write a book, you need to sit down everyday and write. If you intend to play an instrument, you need to put in the time and effort of practice. We’ve also had themes on how artists express themselves in the modern Information Age like self-publishing, social media, et cetera.” He said.


Along with entertaining guests, the podcast has included many curious topics. The name of his podcast originated from the fact that nothing is out of reach for interesting discussions and diverse interviewees.


“We have had long conversations with interesting and knowledgeable guests on a wide range of topics that they are passionate about. Just a few of the people we’ve talked to are Jim Ward—creator of world’s first Sci-Fi role-playing game; Michael Dobson—which is the only civilian to own a NASA spacesuit; Richard Balsley—game designer and author of Cosmos Builder; Cat Hall—founding member of the band Dissonance; Ken St. Andre—creator of the world’s first copywritten Fantasy roleplaying game and author of Wasteland; Stephen D. Sullivan—author of over forty books; Mugzy--#1 Hip-Hop artist on Reverbnation in Sydney, Australia; Dr. Robert Cooperman—Adjunct professor of English here at OUL.” Smith said.


All of the people they have interviewed have stood out in their own unique and unexpected ways. Smith said each guest has been wonderful and fascinating. He and his co-hosts have learned so much from each individual they’ve had on the show.


Smith went to a few different high-schools starting in Paris, Texas, moving to Amanda Clearcreek and then graduating from Logan Elm in 1988. He will be graduating this year with his Bachelor of History and minor in Philosophy which he will complete here at the Lancaster campus. When asked about his major, he responded passionately about why he decided to pursue in this direction.


“History is the study and contextualization of the human experience. It encapsulates all other areas of study, as all areas of studies have histories. It has the most improbable and poignant stories. It’s greater than its sum in that we can extract lessons from it. It’s dates, but also art, culture, religion, war, politics, and more.” Smith said.


So many individuals choose Ohio University Lancaster because it feels like home and Smith felt the same. For him, he loved the idea of receiving his higher education here because being his hometown he said “…it held great nostalgic and personal value.”


Those whom have chosen the Lancaster campus as their home, have stated how much they enjoy the support from the professors and individuals working here. Smith gushed about his time here.


“I would absolutely recommend OUL to anyone. I have never had a class or professor that I did not genuinely enjoy. Every instructor and faculty member I have encountered in the last four years have done everything they could to make my experience here meaningful. They are all great people who truly believe in the idea of critical thought and higher learning. I will truly miss coming to OUL every week when I graduate.” Smith said.


When finishing up the conversation, Smith had just a few words to say about his podcast.


“I would like to say the podcast is the flagship podcast of TheXFactory Creative Network. TheXFactory is a Do-It-Yourself network of creative types comprised of various artists. Also, thanks to everyone who has been on the show. You have all been wonderful! If anyone would like to hear more, please subscribe. There will be more of this kind of content to come.”


After graduation, Smith plans to start his MA at Ohio University’s Athens campus. He plans to be teaching after he completes all his higher educational goals. However, he said he is open to career options since he has worked everything from re-financing mortgages, working in a steel factory and even working as a professional psychic.