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August 08, 2013 : Theatre Critic Loves OUL Theatre's "The Producers"
- Cheri Russo
Communications and Marketing Manager

Lancaster – Margaret Quamme, who reviews theatre for the Columbus Dispatch, lives in Lancaster. Last Thursday night, she attended Ohio University Lancaster's production of "The Producers" as a local resident and theatre lover and had only kind words for the cast, crew and director.


"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your production of 'The Producers' on Thursday night," Quamme wrote in an e-mail to Theatre Director Victor Jones. "I always look forward to theatre at OUL, but I think you all outdid yourselves this time - wonderful Max and Leo and a great ensemble all together. (And lovely work on the orchestra - rich sound without overwhelming the singers.) Look forward to see what's next!"


The Columbus Disptach does not review community theatre, so Quamme did not attend the show to write an article. But, Jones said Quamme spoke with the cast after the show and gave them positive feedback on their performances.


"It's wonderful when someone with her background and critical eye can talk to the cast in a positive way," said Jones. "We were thrilled she attended our production and liked what we did on the stage."


"The Producers" is about a down-on-his-luck Broadway producer and a scheme to make a lot of money by putting on the biggest flop in Broadway history. The OUL Theatre production of "The Producers" premiered during the Lancaster Festival. It was a community theatre production which means that actors who live in the region are participating in the production as well as Ohio University Lancaster students.


There were 34 actors in the production, six OUL Theatre Students, and 28 community members ranging in age from 14 to over 50 years old. In addition to the actors, Jones managed 14 orchestra members and 10 crew members.


There will be two productions Fall Semester from the OUL Theatre program. Jones has not announced the shows yet. But he plans to make an announcement soon. Fall classes start August 26.