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August 01, 2018 : New mathematics course offers something for everyone

by Sarah Shy


math1060This fall, Ohio University Lancaster will be adding a new mathematics course to the schedule that may be a perfect fit for many students. Math 1060 – Quantitative Reasoning will be available as a choice for most non-stem majors. The course will be taught by Derrick Tucker, Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics, who along with the new class, also teaches Math 1200 and Math D005 on the Lancaster campus.


“All math is useful, but is it relevant to you and your future? MATH 1060 is for everybody,” said Tucker. “What makes Quantitative Reasoning such an exciting new offering is that every topic is beneficial to the student either personally or professionally.”


The course is designed to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a variety of real-life situational mathematical and quantitative contexts. The course will focus on framing real-life problems mathematically and quantitatively. Then using logical and quantitative techniques—like linear, exponential growth modeling, and statistical literacy—will make predictions and decisions to solve these problems.


“Let's elaborate upon the course description and consider the topic of personal finance.  Students’ will gain a functional understanding of the math behind the ‘fine print’ on loans and investments so they’ll know best how to avoid unnecessary debt and grow wealth.  That’s useful to everyone.  As for statistical literacy, who can go a day in the news cycle without confronting the term ‘fake news’? Regardless of personal politics, being able to critically evaluate statistics being presented in the media, journals, and other publications is a core goal of this course.” 


Non-STEM majors who need to satisfy a Tier I Quantitative Skills General Education Requirement who have passed MATH D004/5 or have Math Placement Level 1 should contact their academic advisor to see if enrolling in MATH 1060 is the best choice for them.


“By design, practicality and relevance are front and center at all times. In brief, by the end of the course students should expect to be more capable members of society. Interestingly enough, this is true regardless of the profession a student decides to pursue.” Said Tucker.


Derrick Tucker has a Bachelor’s degree in Electromechanical Engineering Technology from Miami University and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Ohio University. For more information or questions related to the new course, contact Tucker at