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February 27, 2018 : Inspired by her professor, student pursues a career in psychology

by Sarah Shy


sarahhuffmanSarah Huffman started attending Ohio University Lancaster her senior year of high school as a College Credit Plus student. College Credit Plus (CCP) is a program that will help high school students simultaneously earn both college and high school credits from community colleges or universities at no charge to the student. Huffman enjoyed her time at OUL.


“I love how Ohio University Lancaster is very welcoming. The faculty and staff are very friendly and want to help you in any way possible.” Huffman said.


After she graduated high school, Huffman continued her education at OUL because it felt like home to her. She also likes that the faculty and staff are always willing to help the students and genuinely want students to succeed.


“One of my favorite professors would have to be Professor James Jackson. I had taken his Intro to Psychology class as a CCP student. Being one of my first college classes, Jackson was able to challenge my intellectual ability as well as make psychology seem interesting. He sparked my interest in becoming a Clinical Psychologist."


Huffman valued those faculty that helped her along the way. "I have had a few advisors throughout undergrad, but my favorite would have to be Dr. Patrick Munhall. I took his Behavioral Statistics class my sophomore year. He is very personable and is willing to set aside extra time to explain a topic if you simply do not understand. As an advisor, he was always trying to help me become a stronger graduate school candidate, which is important to me because I plan on attending graduate school.” Huffman said.


While Huffman was at Ohio University Lancaster, she was very active in jobs and projects along with her college courses.


“I’ve had several jobs around campus. I worked for the Associate Dean’s office as a student worker. I also worked as a tutor in Behavioral Statistics in the Jane Johnsen Center for Learning and Student Success.” Huffman said.


The Smaller class sizes were critical for Huffman, giving her a better opportunity for substantial conversations and developing a rapport with her fellow students and her professors.


“The class size ranges from 15-25 student depending on the course. This allows the professors to provide a more individualized approach to learning. The smaller class sizes allow for more discussion during class and an opportunity to network not only with other students but the professors as well.” Huffman said.


When asked if Huffman would ever recommend Ohio University Lancaster, she was very enthusiastic in her reply.


“ABSOLUTELY! I find myself bragging about how amazing the Lancaster Campus is to friends. And often times they tell me that their professors at the colleges they attend barely know their name, let alone spend time advising them. OUL is very inviting and welcoming and I would recommend this college to everyone.” Huffman said.


Huffman is one student out of the tens of thousands that have started their educational journey at Ohio University Lancaster. Huffman graduated from Pickerington High School Central and is a junior completing her degree in psychology on the Athens campus.


After Huffman graduates from the university, she plans to spend time in research labs, before going to obtain her PhD in Psychology. Within the next five years she wants to be a practicing Clinical Psychologist for the United States Military.


For more information on the College Credit Plus program check out the link below.


Ohio University Lancaster Campus | Pickerington Center offers 12 bachelors’ and 13 associate degrees that can be fully completed at the campus or students can begin any of the more than 250 degrees Ohio University offers. For more information, visit