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July 09, 2013 : Online Math Problem Bank Available for Students at Ohio University Lancaster
- Cheri Russo
Communications and Marketing Manager

Lancaster – Students on the Ohio University Lancaster Campus will be able to work on math problems online thanks to an Ohio University 1804 grant and a group of Ohio University Lancaster Mathematics Professors.


"Online math homework is becoming the norm in online math higher education and also getting strong traction in traditional courses," said Dr. Giorgi Shonia, Assistant Professor. "Students get the opportunity to practice math problems and get immediate feedback.They never see the same math problem twice, so it helps them learn how to solve the problems better. Online homework can be interactive and use visual tools that are less available on paper."


The group applied for the 1804 grant because they wanted to make an online math problems bank more accessible and affordable for students on all of Ohio University's campuses. In addition to Shonia, the group contains Dr. Franco Guerriero, Dr. Adem Cakmak and Dr. Cathleen Battiste-Presutti.


"Once we try this out in Lancaster, we plan to expand it to all campuses at O.U.," said Shonia. "One of the virtues of the online platform is that at almost zero additional cost, you can cover the entire O.U. system."


"We set up a virtual server in the Amazon Cloud which is running a website for WeBWorK. The site has 25,000 sample math problems that have ability to morph for individual students," said Sayers. "It is an intelligent math problem provider."


The online math problem bank will be available to students in Lancaster this fall.