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November 13, 2014 : Fairfield County Sheriff to Speak to OUL Law Enforcement Technology Class
- Cheri Russo
Communications and Marketing Manager
Lancaster – Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen will speak to a Law Enforcement Technology class at OUL tonight at 6:30 p.m.  Phalen is going to speak to Lecturer Lisa Taylor’s Administration and Supervision class about leadership.
"As the Law Enforcement Technology program coordinator, I attempt to provide the LET students a worldview of both career opportunities and criminal justice perspectives,” said Taylor. “It is critical that our students see, hear, and question field experts in their areas of expertise and responsibility."
The mission of the Law Enforcement Technology program at the Ohio University Lancaster Campus is to provide a two-year academic program tailored to current law enforcement personnel or those preparing for a career in law enforcement. The program provides professional training and credit hours that may be applied towards a Bachelor's of Criminal Justice degree.
“As the premier law enforcement authority in Fairfield County, Sheriff Phalen can relay, firsthand, some of the challenges and opportunities he has experienced as they relate to our subject matter--Administration and Supervision of Law Enforcement,” said Taylor. “While most of our students haven't yet worked in the criminal justice arena, in this class, they can garner an overview of unique issues specific to this line of work."
Over the last year, Taylor has had the following field experts speak to the following classes:
LET1000 – Intro to Law Enforcement
  • Sergeant Mike Peters, Lancaster PD – Expectations of Law enforcement Staff
  • Shift Unit Manager, Jerred Adkins, Franklin County Community-Based Corrections – Various Types of Corrections (county, state, federal)
  • Dog Warden Todd McCullough, expectations/job duties of his staff
LET1050 - Ethics
  • Sergeant Darrell Harris, Ohio State Highway Patrol – Administrative/Internal Investigations
LET1100 – Juvenile Delinquency
  • Superintendent Dana Moore, Multi-County Juvenile Detention Facility made presentation and provided a tour for my students
  • Probation Director Bruce Simons, Fairfield County Juvenile Probation
LET1500 – Police Operations
  • Sergeant Mike Peters, Lancaster PD – Active Shooter Presentation
  • Trooper Rustun Schack, Ohio State Highway Patrol – K9 Demonstration
LET2150 - Cybernetics
  • Communications Manager Kelley Davidson, Grove City PD – Emerging Technologies
  • Special Agent Chad Knueve, BCI & I – Tools and Technologies Used in Fighting CrimeLET2500 – Narcotics & Vice
  • Clinical Manager, Lauren Fish, Franklin County Community-Based Correctional Facility – Mental Health/Addiction Expert
  • Zach Fleming, Daytona Metro Treatment Center – Addiction Expert (utilized Google Hangout to “Skype” in)
  • Sergeant Mike Peters, Lancaster PD – Medical Marijuana
LET2650 - Investigations
  • Detective Terri Ruslander, Grove City PD - Investigations
  • Staff Lieutenant Dianna White/Tammy Bonner, Quality Assurance Administrator, Ohio State Highway Patrol Crime Lab – Crime Labs

Liz Ranade-Janis from the Ohio Department of Public Safety and Melissa Haggerty from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office – Human Trafficking