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November 26, 2018 : Jane Johnsen Center extends hours to better provide assistance to students


by Sarah Shy


The Jane Johnsen Center for Learning and Student Success will be extending the hours of operation to mirror the university’s hours, giving students more opportunities to take full advantage of the resources this facility offers them. The hours of operation will now be 7:30am-9:00pm Monday through Thursday. Friday and weekend access to the center is also available when the campus is open.


"The Jane Johnsen Center is conveniently located with the Bobcat Bistro, veteran services office and student organization meeting space nearby, says Paul Abraham, Associate Dean. "The JJ Center allows different study options for students including individual and group work areas, and there are laptops that students can borrow while in the JJ  Center. Students or professors also have the option to join into tutoring or group work sessions from home through video conferencing." 


Students who use the Jane Johnson Center resources find a wonderful facility full ofjjclass academic help and tutoring. This is a great opportunity for students to strengthen their knowledge of a difficult subject. The Jane Johnsen Center provides private, individual tutoring carrels, group tutoring areas, and a staff of friendly, well-trained peer tutors. For many students, the Jane John Center has given them great success in their college career.


“By seeking tutoring help, I’ve seen many students who have been able to successfully complete a course that they might have otherwise failed. Tutoring for a difficult course has prevented some students from having to change their major or drop out of college without completing their degree. I’ve seen adults who returned to college after being displaced from the workplace finish college and earn their degrees. I’ve also seen students who worked as tutors in the Jane Johnsen Center go on to successful careers as teachers. I can currently think of at least eight former tutors who are now currently teaching in Fairfield County. Working as tutors gave them an invaluable experience which helped prepare them to be teachers.” Said Becky Parrish, Math Tutoring Coordinator.



The facility is designed to bring the best tutoring to students, while making the quiet atmosphere welcoming and comfortable. Plenty of space is available for students who want to work individually with a tutor or in study groups.


“Students can work in the Jane Johnsen Center to study for a test, write a paper, or do their math homework with a tutor nearby should they have a question. There are laptops and other resources available to use in the Center to help with their learning. There is also technical support for computers available in the center. There are three group study rooms that can be used by students or reserved ahead of time for group projects or study purposes.” Said Parrish.



For students looking to polish their math skills, a staff of peer math tutors offers math assistant free to Ohio University students registered in a math course. Students can sign in with the receptionist who will assign a math tutor for assistance for that math course. No appointment is necessary, however, if there are other students waiting for a tutor, each session may have to be limited to thirty minutes.


There is also accessibility to online math tutoring for courses up to Math 2301 and Math 2500. If interested, go to The instructions for register for an account will be displayed. Students will use their Ohio University email address when creating an account. The tutoring course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington students registered for a math course. Students registered for Physics, Chemistry, Accounting 1010, Accounting Technology 1030 or 1040, Economics 1000, 1030, or 1040 can also use the tutoring resources.



Students looking to give their English skills a little gloss, can find a strong English staff eager to help. The staff offers individual appointments at various times throughout the day. Call or visit the desk worker at the Jane Johnsen Center to select tutoring appointment times from our tutoring schedule or for walk-in tutoring on a first-come, first-serve basis. Up-to-date writing and grammar books are available at the Jane Johnsen Center’s library and are some of the best handbooks of grammar, writing, and style. In addition, internet-ready computers are available and maybe used to access “online writing laboratories” (OWL’s) as well as websites designed to accompany writing textbooks (when these are online and available).


There are also other subject areas that are often available. If students are in need of tutoring assistance for a class other than math or writing, they can notify their instructor to determine if options are available.


“Helping our students to succeed is one of the primary goals of the Jane Johnsen Center for Learning and Student Success and for all of Ohio University Lancaster as exhibited by our active faculty and staff support and involvement in the Jane Johnsen Center.” Said Parrish.


"The Professor is In" is a new program in the JJ Center that expands opportunities for studeProfPicnts and faculty to interact.  Individual faculty hold 30-minute open office hours in the Jane Johnsen Center for Learning and Student Success.  Most faculty attend in person and some attend via Zoom videoconferencing technology.  All students are welcome to speak with any professor on any topic.  See a video  about "The Professor is In" For more information on "The Professor is In" visit the Jane Johnsen or contact Dr. Christine Wolfe at or 740-681-3365.


Ohio University Lancaster students are encouraged to call or stop by the Jane Johnson Center at any time during posted hours for more information. The center is located on the first floor of Brasee Hall in Room 105 across from the Bobcat Bistro. Contact the Jane Johnsen Center for Learning and Student Success by calling 740-681-3360 or send an email to


For additional information, contact Dr. Scott Minar, Director of the Writing Lab, at or Becky Parrish, Math Tutoring Coordinator, at