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September 18, 2012 : Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington Has Record Fall Term Enrollment

September 18, 2012


Lancaster – Preliminary numbers from Ohio University's Office of Institutional Research indicate that Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington has set a fall enrollment record.2,586 students are taking classes at the Lancaster Campus and Pickerington Center. That's up 72 students from last fall.


"It's wonderful that we are continuing to grow," said Lancaster Dean Jim Smith. "Families and students are seeing the value of the Ohio University education they can get in a smaller setting close to home or work."


Enrollment on Ohio University's regional campuses as a whole is also up.Total headcount at the five regional campuses is more than 10,000, up about 150 from last year. Overall, approximately one-third of OU's undergraduate students take classes at the regional campuses such as Lancaster and Centers like Pickerington.


"With the switch to semesters we took the opportunity to make sure we offered a variety of courses and convenient times, so students would have more opportunities to take classes," said Associate Dean Paul Abraham. "Making the right classes available when students need them is key to helping students achieve their goals and promote the overall growth of a regional campus."


With the change to semesters, the new time block system features standard non-overlapping time blocks for most three-credit courses. So, as compared to quarters, students should find fewer classes conflicting with one another. Students can still make most of their classes on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. But there are expanding opportunities for students to take classes or labs on Fridays, Saturdays, or on one night. Classes in these formats, along with online and blended courses, are becoming more and more popular.


In the semester system, full-time students are being asked to take five classes a semester to graduate in the minimum amount of time.Under the quarter system, students were asked to take four classes at one time.That has been an adjustment for students.


"I think our students were reluctant to add that fifth class, as they were not used to that kind of course load.," said Enrollment Manager Pat Fox. "Semesters add an additional five weeks to complete the course work, so I believe by the end of Fall Semester the students will feel more at ease with the load."