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November 17, 2014 : AUDIO: Meet Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington Student of the Month: Abby Brown
- Cheri Russo
Communications and Marketing Manager
Lancaster – Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington November Student of the Month Abby Brown is one of those people that doesn’t shy away from a challenge.  The married, 28-year old Middle Childhood Education major from Columbus wants to teach in 6th and 7th grade classrooms, even though she knows that age range may be one of the toughest to work with.
“I think that’s where kids need you the most,” said Brown. “They need somebody in their lives that is going to actually care about them. Teachers spend the most time with the kids for a good chunk of the day, and I feel like that is where a good teacher is needed.  A good teacher is needed when those kids are going through the most awkward part of their lives.”
abby brown novBrown is in her last year of school at OUL.  She is finishing up her class work this semester and will start student teaching next semester.  Getting into the classroom and working with children is something that Brown has been waiting to do for a long time.
“I want to work with those awkward kids. I want to work with the kids that need somebody to help them figure themselves out,” said Brown. “I am a goofy person and that gives me a way to connect with those kids.”
However, Brown didn’t always know that teaching was her passion.  After high school, Brown went to Ohio University in Athens to begin her college career.  When financial concerns got to be too much, Brown withdrew from school.  She eventually got an associate’s degree in business from Hocking College, but soon realized that a middle management business career was not for her.
“I wasn’t finding myself loving what I was doing,” said Brown. “I was good at what I did, but I didn’t love it.”
There was one part of her job that she did like – training.  Brown loved training new employees and teaching them how to do their jobs.  That made Brown remember that her Grandma always thought she should be a teacher.
“That was one of the best parts of my job.  So, why not make that my career,” said Brown. “Since I’ve come back to school, it’s a whole new world.”

During Brown’s first three years at OUL, she also worked full time.  It was a lot to manage, but Brown said it was worth it. She said her teachers at OUL, like Lecturer Terri Green, have helped her to get the most out of class and prepared her to be the best teacher possible.
“She is a huge advocate of students, and she has been there for me, pushing for me to get better and better,” said Brown. “She pushes me and expects great things from me so I try to meet those expectations.”
Brown is the president of the OUL Ohio Student Education Association.  The group brings education students on campus together for networking and professional development opportunities.  Green is the advisor for the group and nominated Brown for Student of the Month.