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June 18, 2019 : Electronic Media Major Excited for What the Future Holds

by Kellie Crawford


JakepettingillAt 21 years old, Jacob Pettengill is working hard to further his education while recently gaining adult responsibilities. Jacob got married to his wife, Olivia, in March of 2019. On top of being a fulltime student and husband, Jacob also started a new job at Budget Blinds, a stop on the way to his goal of being an audio engineer at a music production studio. Jacob found his passion for music at an early age, partially thanks to the many hours he spent at his church with his family. “Church has always been an important part of my life,” Jacob shares. “When I was younger, church was a major social opportunity for me, and it was there that I met a lot of my best friends.” Being in church so often helped Jacob build his faith and led him to the opportunity to “frequently serve within the 6-8th grade ministry on Sunday nights as a group leader, helping to lead and grow others.” He is currently running the audio at his church, Grace Fellowship Church, on Sundays. He even worked for the church on their weekend services team for a brief stint over last summer. Jacob was also fortunate enough to meet his wife at his church.


Aside from church, creating music is an escape for Jacob. While growing up, writing songs was a way for him to vent and work through emotions he did not know how to process on his own. “It gave me a form of release,” Jacob shares. He has a musical talent of being able to play multiple instruments and sing. Jacob absolutely loves singing and the feeling he gets while doing it. Though he has always wanted to make music into a career somehow, he was never sure of what path to take with it. Nevertheless, an Associations of Arts sounded like a good place to start.


Jacob spent most of his primary years being homeschooled by his mom. He credits homeschooling for giving him the skills of a “quick, self-taught person”. Though, he did have a brief stint in public schools in middle school and the beginning of high school, he ultimately decided to return to homeschooling. Enrolling in college courses at Columbus State Community College would best benefit his future plans. “By completing so much (college work) in high school I was able to graduate from Columbus State with my Associates in Arts just 6 months after my high school graduation,” Jacob shares. However, Jacob highlights that he again did not know what path he wanted to take and decided to spend the next year taking a break from higher education to work on saving for his future, whatever that might detail.


Flash forward a year and Jacob finds himself at the Lancaster campus. The campus’ location made commuting from home easy. Jacob decided to enroll in the Electronic Media major. This way, he can explore more of his passion for music while also allowing him to become more familiar and rounded in the rest of the media landscape. This fall, he will continue his education at the Athens campus, studying music production. He is hoping to graduate either this upcoming spring semester or the following fall semester. Jacob is unsure whether he wants to go into a graduate program after graduation but he has time to figure it out. As he shares, “these are the moments and events that I can either let define me or help to inspire me forward. I like to think about the place that I find myself in currently and wonder what I will look back on about this chapter, and where it will take me next.”