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January 07, 2014 : Former OUL Student Runs from Athens to Lancaster
- Cheri Russo
Communications and Marketing Manager


Lancaster – 20-year-old Kameron Starr has traveled the road from Ohio University Lancaster to Ohio University in Athens both figuratively and literally.  On the figurative side, the sophomore attended the Lancaster Campus during his freshman year and transferred to Athens this past fall.  On the literal side, Starr decided the best way to travel to his family home in Lancaster for Thanksgiving last November was to put on his tennis shoes and run from Athens.


“One day I was on the phone with my dad, and it hit me that I was going to turn 20 on November 23,” said Starr. “It hit me that this was my last time as a teenager, and I wanted to do something memorable as my last thing as a teenager.”


Starr, an engineering major, consulted with a professor in Athens who is an ultramarathon runner and then worked out his plan to run the 52 miles from Athens to his house in Lancaster.  A friend ran with Starr from Athens to Nelsonville, and many others joined Starr along the way.  The entire trip took nine hours, eight minutes and 16 seconds.


“When I was running by the Lancaster Campus, I wasn’t even able to talk anymore,” said Starr. “I ran up my driveway, I jumped up on the porch, and I hit the front door; then I fell on the ground.”


Starr said the trip was hard but it was worth it. He said the figurative trip from Lancaster to Athens is a much easier trip to take.  The relocation process was pretty simple for Starr.


“I tried to stay in Lancaster as long as I could and took every class I could there,” said Starr. ”The whole relocation process went pretty well.  I have some friends who did the same thing.”


Starr graduated from Lancaster High School and participated in the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program at OUL while in high school. He was one of the first recipients of the Charles R. and Marilyn Y. Stuckey OU-L Scholarship for Engineering, Computer Science and Natural Sciences students on the Ohio University Lancaster Campus. The Stuckeys are originally from Lancaster.  Chuck Stuckey attended Ohio University’s Lancaster Campus while working full-time for the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation.  He later commuted to Athens while working part-time jobs to finish his degree.


Starr now lives on West Green in Athens in a dorm with a randomly-selected roommate.  He said he has been able to learn the ropes of the Athens Campus quickly, and things are going well. But he can’t say the same for his feet.


“What happened to my feet during that run home was the worst part, honestly,” said Starr. “They are still sore and tender.”