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December 03, 2013 : VIDEO: December Fairfield Today at OUL: Enrolling for Classes at Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington
- Cheri Russo
Communications and Marketing Manager

Lancaster – Even though it's only December, the start of Spring Semester is quickly approaching at Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington, and there is still plenty of time for new students to register for classes. Enrolling for classes and succeeding in college was the subject of this month's Fairfield Today at OUL television program.


"As an open enrollment campus, we provide access to higher education for everyone in our community. The only requirement is that you have graduated from high school, homeschool, or have acquired a GED," said Enrollment Manager Pat Fox. "We don't have enrollment requirements such as an ACT score. Open access is just that, open to all who have a high school diploma or the equivalent."


That means there is no admissions deadline. But, Academic Advisor Nate Thomas encourages future students to enroll sooner rather than later.


"With open admissions it is an easy process to apply. But we do have to be aware of a timeline to apply," said Thomas. "Along with the application and transcript, students do want to apply for financial aid to figure out how they are going to pay for school. Then, there are a couple of events on campus that we may need them to go through. One of those is taking placement testing for math, English and reading to see where they need to begin in those subjects. We also want to give them an event to educate them on how college works and that's through an orientation."


With locations in Lancaster and Pickerington, the campus makes classes available at times and places that are convenient for students.


"Some of our students utilize both locations by taking a class in Pickerington on one day and taking a class in Lancaster on another," said Fox. "That works out well for our students who live in the Northern half of Fairfield County saving them the commute for more common classes."


Tuition at Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington is about $5,000 a year. Students can apply for financial aid to help pay for spring semester.


"Our affordable tuition is a very pleasant surprise. Students discover the value in what we offer here and how it might fit in their plans," said Thomas.


Once enrolled, students meet with an academic advisor and register for classes. Advisors on campus are ready to help students coming out of high school and adult returning students with anything that gets in the way of completing a degree.


"My job, along with all the academic advisors, is to help students with the transition to college," said Transition Advisor Kim Jeffers. "We give them the tools they need to be successful here."


"Anytime students find themselves in difficulty in their coursework or in balancing competing demands of jobs and family, I help with course selection and suggest other ways to help them," said Student Support Advisor Phyllis Lanier. "The end goal is to keep them in school through a challenging time."


There are several organizations on campus that traditional and non-traditional students can join to meet people and become more involved.


"I've had many students who were apprehensive about walking into a class that they felt was going to be filled with 18-year old students," said Lanier. "Then when they come back for their next advising session they tell me they were pleasantly surprised at how many non-traditional students were in the class and how well the traditional and non-traditional students work together."


There is a place for everyone at Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington. To apply to start Spring Semester online go to Today at OUL airs weekly on Time Warner Cable Channel 9 in Lancaster.