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Andy McGreevy
November 18, 2013 : Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington Students Continue to Study International Issues After “International Week” Ends
- Cheri Russo
Communications and Marketing Manager

Lancaster – During "International Week 2013," students at Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington heard from speakers about the Muslim religion and the cultural experiences of veterans who served during foreign conflicts. But, OUL History Professor Andrew McGreevy says the study of international issues continues on campus long after International Week is over -- in the classroom.


"A deeper understanding of current international issues comes from the study of history," said McGreevy. "History courses provide background to understand current international issues."


During fall semester, McGreevy is teaching a history course titled "The Rise of Modern Asia." In the course, they are examining issues that are the backbone of modern day international disputes.


"World news now features stories about tensions in Asia between China and Japan.The Japanese rhetoric is surprising and war-like. It raises issues going back to World War II with the U.S.A. and the Japanese Constitution," said McGreevy. "The current tensions relate to World War II, territorial disputes, cultural and religious issues, and Yasukuni Jinja, a controversial, and somewhat mysterious, Japanese war memorial."


McGreevy said he is proud to provide his students with an historical understanding of what is going on in the world today.


"I cover these issues in History 2460, and I wrote an article comparing Arlington National Cemetery and Yasukuni Jinja," said McGreevy. "I have a DVD about Yasukuni, thus, we can virtually take our students to visit a place at the center of the dispute."


McGreevy's History 2460 is being offered at the Pickerington Center Spring Semester. He hopes students will value what they have learned in class and use it to promote the understanding of the importance of historical context with respect to international issues.


Several World History courses are also being taught next semester at the Lancaster Campus.