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Cory Frederick
December 05, 2012 : Sticks and Stones of Bullying Course to be Taught at O.U. Lancaster
- Cheri Russo
Communications and Marketing Manager

Lancaster – They say that sticks and stones will break our bones but words will never hurt us.However, the sticks and stones of bullying are changing and words are hurting children more than ever in the cyberspace. That's why Cory Frederick is offering a class called "Sticks and Stones of Bullying" at the Ohio University Lancaster Campus this spring.


"Throughout my life, I've experienced bullying myself," said Frederick. "I thought what is it that I can do to shed some light on this subject?"


Frederick is a transgender, black person, living life as a man. He grew up in Southeastern Ohio and was born as a female named Michele Christina. He legally changed his name to Cory Michael. He has a master's degree in cultural studies and works as an adjunct professor in the Department of Teacher Education in Athens.


"I always felt like I was not quite the person that other people see you as being.  I was very much a Tom-boy when I was younger.I tended to wear boy clothes. For me, there was always that issue of gender non-conformity. I didn't really fit in much," said Frederick. "I think that this class is important because I know looking back on some of the events that happened, I know that the teachers heard the comments made by my classmates and they didn't do anything to intervene.That's really what pushed me to develop this class because teachers need to know what the best response is. It's absolutely the responsibility of the educator to step in and address the situation in the best way possible."


Frederick said while he brings his personal experience to the class he is teaching, he also looks at new forms of bullying that children today are dealing with. The way in which children are bullied in 2012 are things that Frederick did not encounter as a child.


"The issues nowadays that we didn't have to deal with back then is cyber-bullying," said Frederick. "But a lot of the components, the action and the message, are the same.Name calling was one of the things I had to deal with.But, I had to deal with it face-to-face. Now bullies name call on the internet under a fake name."


The course is a one day class that will be taught on Saturday, January 19. Frederick said it will be a blended course, where a portion will be taught in class and a portion will be taught online.


"I think the people that will be directly impacted will be students in the teacher education program, anyone dealing with children or youth services. It's really for anyone that might see a future dealing with youth. They would benefit from this," said Frederick.


The course is worth one credit hour.  You can register by clicking here.