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August 30, 2013 : SLIDESHOW: Nick Ramsey Study Abroad Blog: Entry 3
- Nick Ramsey is an Ohio University Lancaster Middle Childhood Education major who is studying abroad this fall by student teaching in Perth, Australia. He is writing a bi-weekly blog for the OUL website. He is the first Ohio University regional campus student to be selected for the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching or COST. Click here to read more on Nick's story.


Hey!! Three weeks in, and I am still alive! I have picked up on the accent and slang just a little bit, so it might reflect in my writing by the way.  This experience has been awesome so far, and I come with pictures.  I have so much to talk about, but I will start with the reason I came here- to become a better teacher.  I feel that this experience is so rewarding in many different ways already.  I don't know if I told you before, but I have taken on four science classes ranging from year 8 to year 10, and they are all unique in their own ways. They do track their students here, so I have the high achieving year 8 and the high achieving year 10 science classes and then the two lower achieving year 8 and year 9 classes, so I am all over the spectrum.  My goal is to keep the lower classes on track with what the upper classes are doing and vice versa.  For example, since I have the low year 8 and the high year 8 I am going to plan the same lessons for each class and keep the two in lock step. I believe if I apply the same high standards that I apply to the higher class, and then the other class will raise their game up a bit, in turn helping them want to work harder and perform academically at a higher level than they are currently. I guess I will just let you know how that goes…


But anyway, my cooperating teachers seem to really enjoy my company!  I haven't really received any alarming or negative feedback about my teaching so far, it has all been overwhelmingly positive.  I have even helped to develop our unit biology exam for this year, and many of the worksheets and resources I have created have been passed on to this school's Drop box account. Of course, I think there is a ton I need to work on, especially my behavioral management, which I try to correct day by day. I have been addressed by a few students as "the cool teacher" so that means I have probably been too lenient with them.(I also need to work on my basketball game; my team has only won one out of six games so far, I reckon we need to amp it up a bit.)


Okay so enough business for now, I want to tell you about my adventures around the city.  My roommate and I visited King's Park last Saturday- it was absolutely beautiful.  I took about 300 pictures, but I've narrowed it down to the best ones too show you! King's Park is right outside the city, so we walked downtown as it was getting dark and stopped for dinner.  Even though I have yet to see a kangaroo, I ordered the kangaroo burger at the restaurant we decided on.  It tasted very similar to a beef burger; it just was a bit leaner and kind of had a lamb taste to it.  My favorite food here is still the curry though; someone always brings it in on Wednesdays when we have our staff lunch. 


Then on Sunday, our host parents took us for a drive through Swan Valley, which has wine vineyards, chocolate, coffee and cheese shops. We stopped at multiple places for wine and chocolate tasting. Surprisingly, the chocolate shop was the busiest as people lined up outside of the doors to receive their free chocolate samples. 


Since I am in my adventurous stage, I have agreed to go on a four day camping trip with my host dad and his group called "the four-wheelers club." Apparently they take these camping trips from time to time.  This trip is up to northern Australia to see the wildflowers as they come in as spring approaches.  If you know me, then you know I am not a camper, but you know the saying: "When in Australia...."  It is also on during the first week of the NFL season, so this is going to be one of the biggest challenges of my life. (If you don't know me as well, I kind of live or die by the NFL, especially the Eagles, so needless to say, being away from my computer on Sundays may prove to be a bit of an internal struggle). If I survive, you will hear from me in about a week and a half.  If not, then I have become one with the wilderness. 


Alright, I will quit boring you, but check out those pictures!