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March 03, 2019 : Lancaster campus history professor examines China's plan for the future

Andrew McGreevy, assistant professor of History at Ohio University Lancaster, is constantly staying up-to-date and informed on the activities and events within Asian countries and has been actively publishing his articles on the topic of Asia. His newest work is published in the Winter 2019 issue of the journal Education About Asia. His article “The Belt and Road Initiative” is a response to the question “What Should We Know About Asia?” and is an in-depth clarification about China’s plan for expanding their trade.


McGreevy says that his article calls attention to the question of which country will be the world leader. In terms of world leadership, the United States dominates China at the moment, but if China follows through with their plan and is successful, that could dramatically change the future of countries across the globe and world leadership.


“Since the possibility of China assuming world leadership is so important, I was very interested in the question. The Belt and Road Initiative is a plan for leadership.” McGreevy said.


In his article, McGreevy mentions that China wants to eventually head North toward the Arctic. Going north would be experimental as they’ve never been to the region, but this proves just how bold their ambitions. If successful, China is likely to gain new resources. However, as of right now, it is unclear what impact this may have on the Arctic countries.


In regard to the United States, if China would rise to a new power and status in the role of leadership, the role of the Untied States would be weakened which would bring a great change in history. Concerning trade, if the Belt and Road Initiative would be successful, it would lessen the importance of trade with the United States. Often, it’s forgotten the connection trade brings between countries, so when something changes (i.e. possible success of the Belt and Road Initiative) other countries may benefit from the new ways or there could also be detrimental effects on these places.


Through his article, McGreevy hopes that readers will realize what critical events are taking place outside of the United States. Important changes are trickling across Asia, Europe, and many other countries. The importance of knowing what is going on outside of one’s own country is significant, and McGreevy is keeping an active role in informing readers about some of those historical activities.


“We all must be aware that the world is watching to see if it is the USA or China who leads in the future.” McGreevy said.


In 2002, McGreevy retired from being the Director of Continuing Education at Ohio University Lancaster. Besides actively writing and publishing, he enjoys teaching History 2460: The Rise of Modern Asia at the university. McGreevy said he loves introducing students to modern Asian history and watching them become interested in the subject, gaining an understanding of East Asian countries.


For more information,  Dr. Andrew McGreevy can be contacted by email at