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November 20, 2014 : VIDEO: Electronic Media Students Produce Narrative Documentaries for Class Project
- Cheri Russo
Communications and Marketing Manager
Lancaster – Electronic Media students at Ohio University Lancaster | Pickerington are using the power of video to tell a very personal story – their own. This semester, students in Angelique Gibson’s “Introduction to Video Production” class were given the assignment of writing their personal life narrative and then putting it with video.
“I wanted them to care about the project,” said Gibson. “So I thought that with such a small class of six, personal narrative documentaries would be a great way for them to learn the tools and tell their story. “
Jesse Cunningham, a junior Electronic Media major, wasn’t originally comfortable with telling his own story.  However, after he started working on it, Cunningham found reflecting on his young life a rewarding experience.
“I have a hard time sharing personal experiences in general,” said Cunningham. “As with anything in life, you have good and bad.  Sometimes the bad sticks out more than the good, and vice versa. I went through coming to terms with and sorting a lot of that out when writing the narrative.”
Cunningham told the story of how he came to Ohio University Lancaster, showing video of him writing the story at his desk at home. He talked about the literal and figurative journey of leaving his small hometown and figuring out who he was. 
“I think my favorite part of putting together the video was just filming it in general,” said Cunningham. “I enjoyed getting to put images to words and seeing the final outcome.”
Gibson gave the students parameters for the piece to make sure they were meeting the course objectives while working on the project.
“They were required to tell a personal story which they built into a script, then a storyboard, and into production,” said Gibson. “They shot the piece using OUL’s equipment, though they could use their own as well. They had to follow lighting and editing techniques learned in class. I required them to edit on Final Cut Pro 7, which is professional editing software.”
Gibson is offering the “Intro to Video Production” class again in the spring.