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Manager of Library Services to Speak at 2020 Virtual Buckeye Book Fair

Manager of Library Services to Speak at 2020 Virtual Buckeye Book Fair
Judy Carey Nevin, photo by Colin McGuire

Judy Carey Nevin, Manager of Library Services for the Lancaster Campus and children’s book author, is participating in the very first Virtual Buckeye Book Fair. The annual Buckeye Book Fair event, typically held in Wooster, is one of Ohio’s premier book fairs. The event features over 100 Ohio authors and illustrators; thousands of attendees come from all over Ohio come to mingle, shop for books, and celebrate the joys of reading and writing. While this year is slightly different due to the online format, the authors and illustrators are still participating; the books are still available to buy; the authors and illustrators are still providing panel discussions and keynote presentations. For the full schedule of events, please visit https://buckeyebookfair.org/events/category/events/.
Judy Carey Nevin will moderate a panel with three other children’s book creators during the Kids Book Showcase Saturday, November 14th at 11 a.m. The panel is free with registration. Visit the Buckeye Book Fair website to register for Carey Nevin’s panel as well as many more—featuring mystery writers, nonfiction authors, romance authors, graphic novel creators, etc..
In addition to her appearance on the Kids Book Showcase panel, Judy is giving a presentation during the book fair’s related educators conference. Judy will speak with attendees about using picture books (and board books, of course)–as well as being an author, a librarian, and a former children’s book editor.
Carey Nevin’s most recent book All Kinds of Kindness was released in June of this year. Her previous books are All Kids Are Good Kids (2019), What Mommies Like (picture book in 2018, board book in 2019), and What Daddies Like (picture book 2017, board book 2019). Her first book was inspired by her husband (Mark Nevin, Associate Professor of History, Lancaster Campus) and their daughter—in fact he even jokes his name should be on the cover, too.
Judy shares, “When I was an editor, I twice received a fortune from a NYC fortune cookie that read ‘You are a lover of words. You will someday write a book.’ Half of that was true, but I never expected the whole fortune to come true.” She says, “I have unexpected inspirations that I just have to get on paper.” As seen in Judy’s books, her sensibilities lean toward texts for the very young, especially preschool.
Judy manages the library at Ohio University Lancaster and lives with her husband, Associate Professor of History Mark Nevin, and their precocious daughter.