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Giving Tuesday: Make a Difference at Ohio University Lancaster

Giving Tuesday: Make a Difference at Ohio University Lancaster
giving tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world (qtd. in GivingTuesday.org). Taking place globally on December third, Giving Tuesday is all about giving back to your community, and one way you can give back to your community this upcoming Giving Tuesday is by offering a helping hand to Ohio University Lancaster in one of many areas where it is welcomed.


Career Closet is currently accepting donations from students. Led by Ohio University Lancaster’s Career Coach Brandy Bailey, Career Closet is a student-centered initiative aiming to provide students with professional and casual business attire for no cost at all. Items that are welcomed from potential donators include: skirts, dress pants, khakis, blouses, button-down shirts, dresses, blazers/jackets, shoes (flats or short heels for women, dress shoes for men), belts and ties. Donations can be dropped off to Student Services located on the Third Floor of Brasee Hall anytime between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. during open days.


Bailey, continuing to expand Career Closet, reflects on the significance of Giving Tuesday. “Giving Tuesday is a great way to get involved with causes that matter to someone, whether that be through money, time, or other charitable efforts. Having one day during the year that highlights these selfless acts spreads awareness and positivity to others.”


Outside of Career Closet, another way to give back to Ohio University Lancaster is through the athletics program ran by Athletic Director Jeff Whitehead. By donating to the Ohio University Foundation and designating Ohio University Lancaster Athletics, the lives of student-athletes are bettered in the process. Student-athletes dedicate a hunk of their time to both the classroom and their sport(s) and many work jobs while trying to navigate their social lives on top of that. Donating to the athletic program is as worthy of a cause as any and leads to both communal and individual positivity for those involved.


“For some, athletics have a social benefit of being part of a group.” Whitehead speaks on the importance of athletic programs. “For others, the benefit is learning teamwork and the value of competition. Athletics for some of our students may be the reason they come to Ohio University Lancaster and for many it is the reason they stay at Ohio University Lancaster and eventually graduate.”


Student-athletes aren’t the only important group of individuals that compose Ohio University Lancaster. Alumni are just as important, and their collective spirit continues to echo while keeping Ohio University Lancaster standing. This Giving Tuesday marks the opportunity for Ohio University Lancaster alumni to give back to their alma mater through gifting. Many gift options are available on the Ohio University Lancaster website for alumni and beyond to consider, and Ohio University Lancaster is appreciative of any and all gifts.


Another way of giving back, Ohio University Lancaster’s Hannah V. McCauley Library has recently started accepting winter clothing donations too. A drop box for donated clothing currently stands outside of the Library on the First Floor of Brasee Hall and will be there all winter long. Any donations are appreciated.


At Ohio University’s regional campuses, dean’s discretionary funds may be used to support students in crisis. Donate at Ohio's Giving website. 


Giving Tuesday is a day of a giving back, a day that represents selflessness while emphasizing the importance of community. Ohio University Lancaster is appreciative of all the support it receives because if it weren’t for the community here, the students and faculty and alumni and general supporters, Ohio University Lancaster would not exist and for that we are beyond thankful.


For more information on giving back to Ohio University Lancaster, contact Brandy Bailey (baileyb@ohio.edu), Jeff Whitehead (whitehej@ohio.edu) or Laurie Lach (lach@ohio.edu).