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Sport and Lifestyle Studies

Program Description

The Sport and Lifestyle Studies program is a liberal arts degree which focuses on preparing students for entry level positions in sports and recreation.  The interdisciplinary approach provides a foundation in understanding sport, recreation and health/wellness along with developing basic skills in leadership and management.  Through the choice of a required minor or certificate program, students can tailor the degree towards their personal interests, as well as their projected community needs, thus enhancing their potential to meet job market demands.


Opportunities Upon Graduation

Graduates of the Sport and Lifestyle Studies program will be prepared for entry-level positions in a variety of sport and activity settings including coaching, youth sports leagues, senior centers, nursing homes, community recreation centers, commercial   recreation settings, and government parks and recreation departments.  The 2013 Hard Times report by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce listed majors in Physical Fitness, Parks and Recreation as one of the seven majors with the lowest unemployment rate.  Additional certifications will enhance the B.S. in Sport & Lifestyle Studies graduate’s employment potential.


Recreation-related jobs are expected to increase by nearly 14% or “about as fast as average” through 2022.

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